Anne Probably Deserved It

Crux has arrived. *** Crux is no longer in RP Mode. *** Crux wave in AnneLions general direction. Wilco says “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries?” Jorin says “Now go away or he… Read More

Hacking TOS

[public] Guest1 has joined the channel. [public] Guest1: can i transfer money to my acount[D [public] Wilco: <Genius> Hello, Guest! Welcome to TOS TrekMUSE! [public] Wilco: <Genius> And wha [public] Wilco: <Genius> ? [public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> what… Read More

Name That Tune

[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> does my name sound Klinky enough? or do you think I should throw a ‘ in there somewhere? [public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> Well, don’t all bombard me at once with your input 😛 [public]… Read More

Anyone But Wilco

Empire Announcement from Dante: “I’m leaving in a bit. Does anyone need anything else?” Empire Announcement from Dante: “Wilco, shaddup. ” Empire Announcement from Wilco: “Yeah, two whiskeys and a…screw you!” Empire Announcement from Wolf: “I need some… Read More

Wilco Wasn’t COMPLETELY Wrong

(OOC chatter on OGR while Wilco and Smith were roleplaying) Wilco says, “And lo, I avoid death again. :P” Othic says, “Dammit, Wilco. Go. :)” Othic says, “He [pyRite]’ll defect and we’ll get the Kage back. :)_” Wilco… Read More


Wilco doesn’t ICly like people trying to control him because HE IS NOT A ROBOT. Brianne says “Oh? Then what’s this remote for? :P” Cass says “Oooo, turn him off!” Wilco says “Where’d you get that?” Brianne presses… Read More


Wilco leans non-chalantly on a bulkhead, “So, Anne, now that I pretty well control the IC galaxy, do you want to go out with me?” 😛 AnneLions laughs. Wilco says “Is that a yes or no? :P” You… Read More


Wilco smiles, and lifts his glass in salute before taking a drink. “I do what I can in the spirit of friendship and cooperation. Besides, I’d hate to ruin my good uniform.” Aidoann laughs faintly, “Ie… it isn’t… Read More

Mine is hunter2

(on OGR while TOS was down in Jan. 2005) O’Connor pssts @ Wilco. “You’ve been dead for a year.” Harris says, “Heh.” Othic says, “Don’t let him know!” Wilco swears. Wilco says, “Well, time to become a Rommie,… Read More

It’s a Valid Strategy

[public] Othic: <Federation Admin> 2 Ghz is for distress signals only. [public] Aidoann: <Insane> I thought 3 was distress. [public] S’Kerus: <TOS Admin> 3 is NSV [public] Aidoann: <Insane> Ah. [public] S’Kerus: <TOS Admin> We actually don’t use… Read More