Unless He Has Laser Vision…

[Federation] Warner: <Die Another Day> Um, Tullin, I can’t check your desc if you’re not in the same room as me. 😉 [Federation] Warner: <Die Another Day> IE, stand still. This won’t hurt. 🙂

Mottos & Advice

[Iron_Fist] Othic better get credit for the pipe on the wiki page! 🙂 [Iron_Fist] Aidoann: No! [Iron_Fist] Othic: <Rot In Hell> motto! [Iron_Fist] Lead Pipe of Mottos: Iron Fist Party: Violence with panache. [public] Wilco: <A Vote for… Read More

Sinatra Pun Wars

[public] Warner: Sup? [public] K’tahx: not much [public] K’tahx: I haven’t been able to d/l Sinatra songs [public] K’tahx: because Morpheus is broken [public] Wilco did it through Gnotella. [public] Wilco: I was original…in fact, I would go… Read More

Baby Talk

[public] Guest1 has joined this channel. [public] K’ath: Hi guesty type pub ‘text’ to talk here with out the ‘ and ‘ 🙂 [public] Routhy: Guesty? you tryin to scare him off with that there cutsie wutsie tawk?… Read More