They Probably Didn’t…

S’Kard says “As we all know, we must be patient with Lloann’na…they are a little slow witted.”” Tihruss chokes back another laugh. Hua says “They just heard you say that, rekkhai.” S’Kard nods to Hua. “Ie, the question… Read More

Not Wanted: Enthusiastic Romulans

[Rihannsu] <<<KICK ME>> S’Jahan says HI! [Rihannsu] S’Kard rolls his eyes. “I’d love to kick him.” <long quiet pause> [Rihannsu_Chat] S’Kard blinks. [Rihannsu_Chat] Tihruss blinks. [Rihannsu_Chat] S’Kard says “Oh crap…xchan…” [Rihannsu_Chat] Renon LAUGHS! [Rihannsu_Chat] Tihruss says “You dolt!”… Read More