Fork You!

Brianne chuckles, “Ah. I know how that is. Well, I didn’t graduate very long ago myself.” Fri Oct 21 17:32:54 2005 Frerdine nods. “It’s really remarkable. By the time I’m a seventy-year old Captain with an office in… Read More

Who’s Crazier?

USS Tardis ** Crew Lounge ** Deck 4 .========================================================================== ==. This is the crew lounge. It is a relaxing place on the ship. It is also the only place onboard the vessel where alcohol is permitted served and… Read More

To Jupiter and Back

Smith says “Bring us to a stop Cadet.” De’Wolfie OOCly says “Is this base moving?”

Might as Well Swim There

Smith nods at the navigations officer, “Maintain current heading. Full speed.” De’Wolfie says “Full speed, aye.” Smith looks at his screens, “Navigations.. best /warp/ speed please.” Ciannon whispers something to Smith. Smith whispers something to Ciannon. Ciannon whispers… Read More