Couldn’t Turn Left at Albuquerque

Delvon announces “Due to some….difficultes, the planned RP between the Roms and Federation is postponed. We’ll try this again later. ” Aruth gossip announces “Embarassing…simply Embarassing. Some rescue effort. :0]” Agne gossip announces “Oh man I know…we got… Read More

Spoiler: Death Happened

[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> In the mean time, you should try to figure out a solution that can keep you alive and keep the Empire happy. [Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> Marrying Wilco is not going to make the… Read More

It’s a Valid Strategy

[public] Othic: <Federation Admin> 2 Ghz is for distress signals only. [public] Aidoann: <Insane> I thought 3 was distress. [public] S’Kerus: <TOS Admin> 3 is NSV [public] Aidoann: <Insane> Ah. [public] S’Kerus: <TOS Admin> We actually don’t use… Read More

Coded Babies

[Rihannsu] Kether’ach: <Tribbles for sale> Can we have childern IC ? [Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat! >Sure, that’s what Aeliihae and Velvok once were 😉 [Rihannsu] S’Kard: <> Rommikaze <> Oh my, this is where I tune out. [Rihannsu]… Read More