Hacking TOS

[public] Guest1 has joined the channel. [public] Guest1: can i transfer money to my acount[D [public] Wilco: <Genius> Hello, Guest! Welcome to TOS TrekMUSE! [public] Wilco: <Genius> And wha [public] Wilco: <Genius> ? [public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> what… Read More

Romulan Congratulations

S’Kard steps toward the door, turning once before leaving. “And Rekkhai…my belated congratulations on your appointment as Daise’Fvhilla…my apologies for being on extended duty at the time and missing the event. The Elements are with you as always.”… Read More

USS Marshmallow

Rhianha wooos…marshmellow…munches. Rhianha offers S’Kard a marshmellow too. S’Kard waves and flops on a couch. Rhianha says “Wow, we have a party going on here.” S’Kard accepts the marshmallow. “Thanks doll.” Rhianha smiles, “No problem, anything for my… Read More

A Willing Target

S’Tarth says “So whatcha been up to and how long are you back for :)” S’Kard says “They called me back to handle a couple of assasinations. Speaking of which, you available to RP for a little bit?… Read More

One Day at a Time

Fvaen says, “I thought you told me yesterday that I should try to live longer this time?” S’Kard says, “That was yesterday…a full day qualifies as ‘longer’ doesn’t it?”

Orders are Orders

‘S’Rah runs into the docking ring.. scanning with her tricorder and looking around.. S’Kard glances up as his communicator bleeps a security alert. S’Rah notices S’Kard and comes to a stop infront of him with a quick salute… Read More


S’Kard nods, acknowledging all comments. “Yes, UFP representatives /are/ entitled to the sharing of technology found in the Firelands province, using the proper protocol stated in this pact. We were very generous offering this clause. As for our… Read More

Formal Communications

Stabu says “I have seen no formal communication stating that opinion.” S’Kard says, “And I have not received any formal communication declaring you to be a…how do you say it? Lapdog? Yes, a lapdog for your government. Yet… Read More

Romulan Override

S’Kard glances at Vrih with contempt. “Arrain, remove the Erein from that console, and take control of the shuttle. This is becoming far too risky.” Sy’fvekh says “How rekkhai?” S’Kard glances at the operations console, looking for an… Read More

They Probably Didn’t…

S’Kard says “As we all know, we must be patient with Lloann’na…they are a little slow witted.”” Tihruss chokes back another laugh. Hua says “They just heard you say that, rekkhai.” S’Kard nods to Hua. “Ie, the question… Read More