Just Like Old Times

[public] Othic: <Not-Newbie> When I was testing combat, I couldn’t hit myself. [public] Othic: <Not-Newbie> Sucked. [public] O’Connor: <Unreretired> Well, that sounds like TOS. [public] O’Connor: <Unreretired> So good job. [public] AnneLions: <Zombified!> There’s always a first time!

Sexy Corpse?

[Federation] Slate will be playing the role of the crazy old man who cackles in the corner. [Federation] Mandy will be the sex-appeal character [Federation] Othic: <Lord of the Wastelands> I thought that was Wilco’s role.

Fork You!

Brianne chuckles, “Ah. I know how that is. Well, I didn’t graduate very long ago myself.” Fri Oct 21 17:32:54 2005 Frerdine nods. “It’s really remarkable. By the time I’m a seventy-year old Captain with an office in… Read More

Wilco Wasn’t COMPLETELY Wrong

(OOC chatter on OGR while Wilco and Smith were roleplaying) Wilco says, “And lo, I avoid death again. :P” Othic says, “Dammit, Wilco. Go. :)” Othic says, “He [pyRite]’ll defect and we’ll get the Kage back. :)_” Wilco… Read More

TOS: The Opera of Soap

Empire Announcement from Othic: “No screwing like bunnies!” Chamberlain OOCly looks around Kristal OOCly says “Wrong couple, Othic.” Chamberlain OOCly says “LOL ahem! I thought I was the one that brought some class back to this soap opera?!?!”… Read More

Mine is hunter2

(on OGR while TOS was down in Jan. 2005) O’Connor pssts @ Wilco. “You’ve been dead for a year.” Harris says, “Heh.” Othic says, “Don’t let him know!” Wilco swears. Wilco says, “Well, time to become a Rommie,… Read More

But They Use Woks

[Iron_Fist] Dante: <FedAdmin> Starbuck. ROwwwr. [Iron_Fist] S’Kard: Booooooooomer [Iron_Fist] Othic rwars. [Iron_Fist] Dante: <FedAdmin> Othic has a thing for the pan-Asian peoples. [Iron_Fist] S’Kard can’t wait for the rest of season2 [Iron_Fist] S’Kard loves the pan-asians. [Iron_Fist] Dante:… Read More

Mac & Cheese

[public] Xander: <T’Lara’s Kitten> who is this Mac? [public] Othic: <Soup Nazi> He is Mac. He does Mac stuff. [public] Xander: <T’Lara’s Kitten> so, he’s a bad computer system compatible with nothing?

What are the Others?

[SFCommand] Othic: <Admiral Dickhead!> What kind of authorization does Smith have to take the ship out? 🙂 [SFCommand] Dante: <Sitak’s Curse> As long as you don’t get it blown up, I don’t care. [SFCommand] Othic: <Admiral Dickhead!> Cool…. Read More

It’s a Valid Strategy

[public] Othic: <Federation Admin> 2 Ghz is for distress signals only. [public] Aidoann: <Insane> I thought 3 was distress. [public] S’Kerus: <TOS Admin> 3 is NSV [public] Aidoann: <Insane> Ah. [public] S’Kerus: <TOS Admin> We actually don’t use… Read More