Just Like Old Times

[public] Othic: <Not-Newbie> When I was testing combat, I couldn’t hit myself. [public] Othic: <Not-Newbie> Sucked. [public] O’Connor: <Unreretired> Well, that sounds like TOS. [public] O’Connor: <Unreretired> So good job. [public] AnneLions: <Zombified!> There’s always a first time!

Fork You!

Brianne chuckles, “Ah. I know how that is. Well, I didn’t graduate very long ago myself.” Fri Oct 21 17:32:54 2005 Frerdine nods. “It’s really remarkable. By the time I’m a seventy-year old Captain with an office in… Read More

Name That Tune

[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> does my name sound Klinky enough? or do you think I should throw a ‘ in there somewhere? [public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> Well, don’t all bombard me at once with your input 😛 [public]… Read More

How DO They Work?

O’Connor raises a hand to his face, rubbing his temples. He decides to speak to Alastair. At least he makes sense. “Obviously this is a problem.” he says, “I am not arguing that. However, the cruiser in mention… Read More

You Weren’t?

Since you are apparently so new at this, Madam President, I shall do you the favor of explaining to you that Starfleet is ‘well’ aware of the fact that we do not want Romulans or Klingons -flying around… Read More

Commodore Doom

O’Connor enters the room, blissfully unaware that this evening’s conversation topic is apparently ‘O’Connor: Commodore of doom’.

TOS: The Opera of Soap

Empire Announcement from Othic: “No screwing like bunnies!” Chamberlain OOCly looks around Kristal OOCly says “Wrong couple, Othic.” Chamberlain OOCly says “LOL ahem! I thought I was the one that brought some class back to this soap opera?!?!”… Read More

Mine is hunter2

(on OGR while TOS was down in Jan. 2005) O’Connor pssts @ Wilco. “You’ve been dead for a year.” Harris says, “Heh.” Othic says, “Don’t let him know!” Wilco swears. Wilco says, “Well, time to become a Rommie,… Read More

Lieutenant Preying Mantis

[public] Kristal bites Othic’s head off and spits it across the room. “Don’t mess with me, pal. I’m 6 months pregnant and I have an attitude! [public] Aidoann: Ooohhh… [public] O’Connor: <Dex> Well, just for that, you get… Read More

Mottos & Advice

[Iron_Fist] Othic better get credit for the pipe on the wiki page! 🙂 [Iron_Fist] Aidoann: No! [Iron_Fist] Othic: <Rot In Hell> motto! [Iron_Fist] Lead Pipe of Mottos: Iron Fist Party: Violence with panache. [public] Wilco: <A Vote for… Read More