TOS: The Opera of Soap

Empire Announcement from Othic: “No screwing like bunnies!” Chamberlain OOCly looks around Kristal OOCly says “Wrong couple, Othic.” Chamberlain OOCly says “LOL ahem! I thought I was the one that brought some class back to this soap opera?!?!”… Read More

Soft & Cuddly

Chamberlain leans forward. he looks left and right conspiratorily… “I am Ensign Aldar’s lover.” He smirks. “Just kidding.” Kristal OOCly says “ROFL! Too bad you didn’t see the ooc conversation earlier, or you might not have said that.”… Read More

You Can Keep Those Boxes

Chamberlain OOCly says “just wanted to make an OOC note here… you do _not_ pick up any interpresonal communication that Chamberlain is trying to make a move on you. I was reading some of what was said already,… Read More


Ciannon OOCly says “alright Kristal your killin me…what happend” Kristal OOCly giggles. Brianne OOCly says, “It’s in her logs.” 😛 Ciannon OOCly says “goofy for got to log them” Kristal OOCly says “Yeah, read my personal log this… Read More

Lieutenant Preying Mantis

[public] Kristal bites Othic’s head off and spits it across the room. “Don’t mess with me, pal. I’m 6 months pregnant and I have an attitude! [public] Aidoann: Ooohhh… [public] O’Connor: <Dex> Well, just for that, you get… Read More