Couldn’t Turn Left at Albuquerque

Delvon announces “Due to some….difficultes, the planned RP between the Roms and Federation is postponed. We’ll try this again later. ” Aruth gossip announces “Embarassing…simply Embarassing. Some rescue effort. :0]” Agne gossip announces “Oh man I know…we got… Read More

Character #4

[Rihannsu] H’Daen: This is my fourth character. [Rihannsu] H’Daen: #1 died on the HgR D’Hajhudh in the Ihlarei incident (“The NN maneuver.”), #2 died in a brig by suicide after more than a year in the brig for… Read More

Pink Bones

[Rihannsu] H’Daen: Anne – it’s okay. Most of us would love to elope with you, but we just don’t think youhave change for a dime. 😛 [Rihannsu] Aidoann: Bah. 😛 [Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> Don’t blame us for… Read More

Romulan Execution Methods

[Rihannsu] Giellun waves [Rihannsu] Aidoann: GIE! [Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> Anne! [Rihannsu] S’Kard: <> Rommikaze <> J’tru [Rihannsu] Aidoann: Yay, Gie’s here! [Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> So, I hear that you like round-eared pink people, Anne? [Rihannsu] Giellun:… Read More