Hacking TOS

[public] Guest1 has joined the channel. [public] Guest1: can i transfer money to my acount[D [public] Wilco: <Genius> Hello, Guest! Welcome to TOS TrekMUSE! [public] Wilco: <Genius> And wha [public] Wilco: <Genius> ? [public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> what… Read More

Starfleet’s Petting Zoo

[public] Guest1 has joined this channel. [public] Brianne waves to the guest. [public] Brianne: <kikikaikai> Welcome to TOS. To talk on this channel, type ‘pub <message>’. [public] Guest1: Hello. [public] Guest1 has some questions. [public] Brianne: <kikikaikai> Woo!… Read More

Baby Talk

[public] Guest1 has joined this channel. [public] K’ath: Hi guesty type pub ‘text’ to talk here with out the ‘ and ‘ 🙂 [public] Routhy: Guesty? you tryin to scare him off with that there cutsie wutsie tawk?… Read More