Fork You!

Brianne chuckles, “Ah. I know how that is. Well, I didn’t graduate very long ago myself.” Fri Oct 21 17:32:54 2005 Frerdine nods. “It’s really remarkable. By the time I’m a seventy-year old Captain with an office in… Read More

Every 3,000 Lightyears

“When we were told to move to the Tardis, I spent several hours in stellar cartograhpy, pretending I was watching the stars on Earth.” Brianne confesses, “It was nice. And everyone else was so busy moving that nobody… Read More

They’re the Same Thing, Right?

Frerdine says “Science, dock us.” Acknowledged: Requesting automated docking with Starbase1… Status: USS Banneker is now secured at docking bay 2. Brianne chuckles faintly, “We’re now docked.” Frerdine nods, presses a few buttons, then looks at Brianne. “Ah…how… Read More