Couldn’t Turn Left at Albuquerque

Delvon announces “Due to some….difficultes, the planned RP between the Roms and Federation is postponed. We’ll try this again later. ” Aruth gossip announces “Embarassing…simply Embarassing. Some rescue effort. :0]” Agne gossip announces “Oh man I know…we got… Read More

The Best Strategy

[Federation] Delvon: <Retired Admin> Only reason the USS Fed is unstoppable is that IT NEVER MOVES! 😛

Wilco: Oldest Admiral

[public] Whittaker: is wilco still on leave with his roids problem? [public] Wilco: I’m awaiting assignment, is all. [public] Delvon: Is that what you were told? Roids? HAHAHAHAHA. [public] Delvon: Actually, he’s getting his bimonthy liver swapout. [public]… Read More