Fork You!

Brianne chuckles, “Ah. I know how that is. Well, I didn’t graduate very long ago myself.” Fri Oct 21 17:32:54 2005 Frerdine nods. “It’s really remarkable. By the time I’m a seventy-year old Captain with an office in… Read More

Do a Barrel Roll

Dante says “Oh, yeah. And the sax destruction was all me. He has nothing in his bio that suggests any musical talent whatsoever, although he does indicate that he spent a lot of time playing ‘flight simulator games’…. Read More

Anyone But Wilco

Empire Announcement from Dante: “I’m leaving in a bit. Does anyone need anything else?” Empire Announcement from Dante: “Wilco, shaddup. ” Empire Announcement from Wilco: “Yeah, two whiskeys and a…screw you!” Empire Announcement from Wolf: “I need some… Read More

But They Use Woks

[Iron_Fist] Dante: <FedAdmin> Starbuck. ROwwwr. [Iron_Fist] S’Kard: Booooooooomer [Iron_Fist] Othic rwars. [Iron_Fist] Dante: <FedAdmin> Othic has a thing for the pan-Asian peoples. [Iron_Fist] S’Kard can’t wait for the rest of season2 [Iron_Fist] S’Kard loves the pan-asians. [Iron_Fist] Dante:… Read More

What are the Others?

[SFCommand] Othic: <Admiral Dickhead!> What kind of authorization does Smith have to take the ship out? 🙂 [SFCommand] Dante: <Sitak’s Curse> As long as you don’t get it blown up, I don’t care. [SFCommand] Othic: <Admiral Dickhead!> Cool…. Read More