Coded Babies

[Rihannsu] Kether’ach: <Tribbles for sale> Can we have childern IC ?
[Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat! >Sure, that’s what Aeliihae and Velvok once were 😉
[Rihannsu] S’Kard: <> Rommikaze <> Oh my, this is where I tune out.
[Rihannsu] Aeliihae: <Baby-free for 5 years >Velvok actually was a code-object at one point. I had a flag set on him so that he would cry if anyone with s’Mnhaell’hu as their housename picked him up 🙂
[Rihannsu] Deletham laughs
[Rihannsu] Deletham: <Mr Grinch >Were you also a code-object lii?
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> yup she was….
[Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> She would cry if she wasn’t held by a man 🙂

You Say Tom-ah-to, I Say Po-tay-to

[Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> Actually, S’Kurn enlightened my on the difference between ‘chips’ and ‘fries’. Chips are always cut from a fresh tomato (tom-ah-to), whereas fries can be made from processed, glued-together potato leftovers, McDonalds style
[Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> That’s why you can still buy ‘fries’ in McDonalds in Britain — They simply are not chips 🙂
[Rihannsu] Aidoann: …Tomato?
[Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> Potato
[Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> D’oh!
[Rihannsu] Velvok: Yep. I’ve just done an inventory of all my British Lit classes and all the stuff that we covered. “Telly” was the only horrid export of theirs.
[Rihannsu] Velvok guffaws!
[Rihannsu] Velvok: Tomato Chips!
[Rihannsu] Aidoann: Oh good… I was scared!
[Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> I like Telly! 🙂
[Rihannsu] Velvok: What makes that sentence golden is that it has both “tomato” and the pronunciation for emphasis. 🙂

Wilco: Oldest Admiral

[public] Whittaker: is wilco still on leave with his roids problem?
[public] Wilco: I’m awaiting assignment, is all.
[public] Delvon: Is that what you were told? Roids? HAHAHAHAHA.
[public] Delvon: Actually, he’s getting his bimonthy liver swapout.
[public] Whittaker: do you still have the little air filled donut thing on your command chair
[public] Wilco: No, but I have attractive yeomen by the score.
[public] Wilco: I laid off the engineers and got attractive, ambitious female yeomen. 🙂
[public] Delvon: And they all inflate to 60 PSI.
[public] Wilco hits Delvon with his lead pipe.
[public] Whittaker: now thats funny
[public] Wilco decides to send this to that new TOS Moments site. Just for the hell of it. 🙂

Sinatra Pun Wars

[public] Warner: Sup?
[public] K’tahx: not much
[public] K’tahx: I haven’t been able to d/l Sinatra songs
[public] K’tahx: because Morpheus is broken
[public] Wilco did it through Gnotella.
[public] Wilco: I was original…in fact, I would go so far as to say that I did it my way.
[public] Warner: Or Kazaa
[public] Warner: Can’t let that hold you back from downloading Sinatra ;>
[public] K’tahx beats Wilco with a lead pipe for that lame joke
[Federation] Wilco: It was a lame _pun_, dammit! 😛
[Federation] Wilco: But that hurt. Where’d you get that pipe from? New York, New York? 😛
[public] Warner: haha
[public] K’tahx: Or I can just go to the store and buy some CD’s
[Federation] Wilco: Miscoms.
[public] Wilco: It was a lame _pun_, dammit! 😛
[public] Wilco: But that hurt. Where’d you get that pipe from? New York, New York? 😛
[public] Warner: I don’t recommend New York, New York because of the strangers in the night ;>
[public] K’tahx: Too many strange places on earth, so just fly me to the …
[public] K’tahx: moon. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[public] K’tahx: BWAAHAHAHA
[public] K’tahx is funny
[public] Warner: Need a spaceship to get there unless if you have luck be lady tonight to help you ;>
[public] Warner: *luck be a lady
[public] Warner needs to stop what Wilco started 😛
[public] Wilco pictures a TOS Hysterical Moments log consisting entirely of Sinatra puns. 😛
[public] K’tahx: who’s the person running the new TOS Historical moments page, anyway?

Random Monologue

[public] Khalel: Ok, I can start a monolog if you want.
[public] K’ath: ok 🙂
[public] Khalel: Allright. “When I was just a young boy, walking at the streets of Ra’tleihfi under the rain…”
S’Rah arrives in a hail of radiation.
S’Rah has arrived.
*** S’Rah is no longer in RP Mode. ***
S’Rah wavies
[public] Khalel: Eisn covered by the heavy clouds and only thunders giving somewhat of a light…
You say “I am doing a monolog.”
[public] K’ath eats some popcorn
[public] Khalel: I suddenly saw a strange rihanha coming closer to me…
[public] Khalel: He said “I see I great future for you young rihanha, and great chalenges too…
[public] Khalel: I was surprised and looked at him with a suspicious look…
[public] Khalel: He smiled to me and said “do not be scared young tr’Annhwi, I will understand…”
[public] K’ath: Ok thats anuf 🙂
[public] Khalel: By that point I was realy surprised as he knew who I was, elements know what was to come…
[public] Khalel: He then said “The empire will be shaked by your actions, all rihannsu life will feel your influence.”
[public] Khalel: By that point I was scared, I didn’t know what to say and could only reply “Why are you telling me all that? What is this all about my future? Who are you?”
[public] Khalel: He then grined at me and said “The young, they allways have questions, even when you try to warn then…” he looked at me and pointed to the sky “There, there is your future and the future of all rihannsu.”
[public] Khalel: I didn’t know what to do. It was raining, cold, I was wet but the old man did not look wet…
[public] Khalel: I asked after looking at the sky “I am just a common person who came from a farming city and is lost at the capital city, I do not understand what you mean by saying my future is at the sky.”
[public] Khalel: He said after smiling “You are from an important hfihar, destined to greatness and mnhei’sahe among the empire’s noble hfihars…”
[public] Khalel: By that point I was realy surprised, I knew s’Annhwi had a long obscure past of importance, but it was disbanded after the death of our hru’hfirh…
[public] Khalel: He replyed, like knowing what I was thinking “Your hfihar is to regain it’s former glory upon your hands, and you will be an admired and feared rihanha among the entire galaxy. Which one prevails, it is up to you to decide, I now have to go…”
[public] Khalel: After that, a bolt came from the sky and blinded me, after that the man disapeared showing no traces of where he came from or went to.
[public] Khalel: That is it for tonight, wait for the next chapter of Khalel’s saga. 🙂

It’s Elemental

[Rihannsu] T’mela: <> Goddess of Pleasure <> I am the elements!
[Rihannsu] S’Kard: <>Rommikaze<> here we go again with the superiority complex.
[Rihannsu] S’Kard: <>Rommikaze<> you’re just one of them…dirt.

Baby Talk

[public] Guest1 has joined this channel.
[public] K’ath: Hi guesty type pub ‘text’ to talk here with out the ‘ and ‘ 🙂
[public] Routhy: Guesty? you tryin to scare him off with that there cutsie wutsie tawk?
[public] Warner patpats K’ath’s receded hairline.
[public] K’ath shoots Warner