Name That Tune

[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> does my name sound Klinky enough? or do you think I should throw a ‘ in there somewhere?
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> Well, don’t all bombard me at once with your input πŸ˜›
[public] Aidoann doesn’t know anything about Klingons.
[public] O’Connor: <Dex> It’s simple, which is sort of a hallmark for Klingons. Too many weird characters and you folks start to drool.
[public] Grimal drools all the time anyway
[public] Aidoann: Probably doesn’t have enough capital letters. πŸ˜‰
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> I just feel that every klink we ever see around here has far too many ”s and more than enough Capital letters πŸ˜›
[public] Aidoann chuckles.
[public] Aidoann: Well… that /is/ the Klingon language. πŸ˜‰
[public] Wilco: <A Vote for Wilco is a Vote for Litoracee> Gri’mA’aKal
[public] O’Connor: <Dex> Bless you.
[public] O’Connor: <Dex> Looks like the consumption is catching up to you.
[public] Grimal wipes the spit off her tunic
[public] Wilco: <A Vote for Wilco is a Vote for Litoracee> Yeah, my TB is a pain in the pass.
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> you people are never happy, my klink name doesn’t have enough cap letters and my Andorian name sounded to Romulan. I should just call myself Bob.
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> Bob the Klingon Builder
[public] O’Connor: <Dex> Can he drink it? Yes he can!
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> but that would more likely be bOb
[public] Aidoann laughs.
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> b’Ob even
[public] Wilco: <A Vote for Wilco is a Vote for Litoracee> b’Ob and S’Wilco. I love Star Trek. πŸ˜›
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> b’Ob da buI’lda
[public] O’Connor: <Dex> Might as well just go for b’O’ob.
Sun JanΒ  9 15:46:52 2005
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> Oh, how cheeky!
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> I prefer n’O’ob anyway
[public] Wilco: <A Vote for Wilco is a Vote for Litoracee> At the very least, ‘b’Ob da buI’lda’ should be somebody’s comtitle.
[public] Aidoann laughs.
[public] O’Connor: <Dex> Not yours, Mr. Hooked on Phonics.
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> its no wonder the klinks are always shouting, with all those caps in there
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> I AM NOT SHOUTING, I’M SPEAKING KLINGON
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> Gee I really need to recruit, but I hate recruiting
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> always feel so naughty
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> PDX is out of bounds after I got myself banned πŸ™‚
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> But that often happens when you stick up for Othic πŸ™‚
[public] Aidoann: Darth Vader… Now that’s a Klingon name… d’ArTH va’Derh
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> LOL
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> l’UkE, I am your fat’Her
[public] Aidoann laughs.
[public] Wilco: <A Vote for Wilco is a Vote for Litoracee> Can’t you just imagine Kirk leadning over the dying Gorkon in Star Trek VI, “Kirk…I…am…your father…”
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> explains the bad acting
[public] Wilco: <A Vote for Wilco is a Vote for Litoracee> To which Kirk replies, “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAN!”
[public] Aidoann laughs.
[public] Warner: <Don’t Blame Me — I Voted Kerry> Ha!
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> Mesa bored master Obi
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> Can I play a Gungan here? sucked into this universe in a freak wormhole accident?
[public] Volari: I think you’ll get promptly shot.
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> Mesa Admiral Jubjub, you go bad bombastic
[public] Aidoann: Aww, man… I just remembered the time we emitted that in the OOC room…
[public] Aidoann: Alas, I think that’s been lost…
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> lol, my inflatable couch died that day….my knitting needle got sucked into it and it went *pop* with me still sitting on it
[public] Wilco: <A Vote for Wilco is a Vote for Litoracee> A Gungan would make a crappy Admiral. Even if he was brilliant, nobody would be able to take him seriously.
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> I miss my inflatable couch. It was my little no-punch zone
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> Yousa bombad Klinks be stopping da shooting at me!
[public] Volari shoots Grimal.
[public] Grimal drops dunga dead
[public] Wilco decides to draw Volari’s fire by singing the Enterprise theme song.
[public] Grimal screams, “No singing that song!”
[public] Volari shoots Wilco too.
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> have you seen that “To Boldly go…” video on
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> ?
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> that would make a good intro credit for enterprise
[public] Wilco: <A Vote for Wilco is a Vote for Litoracee> ‘CAUSE I’VE GOT FAITH…OF THE HEART!
[public] Wilco: <A Vote for Wilco is a Vote for Litoracee> I’M GOING WHERE MY HEART WILL TAAAKE ME!
[public] Wilco: <A Vote for Wilco is a Vote for Litoracee> I’VE GOT FAITH…TO BELIEVE!
[public] Volari kicks Wilco in the groin, in addition to shooting him.
[public] Wilco: <A Vote for Wilco is a Vote for Litoracee> I CAN DO ANYTHING (deep breath)
[public] Grimal draws her mek’leths and slices wilco’s head off, much to her dismay it carries on singing
[public] Wilco is a soprano now.
[public] Grimal: <Kinky Klink> I always knew he was a damn android
[public] Volari puts on some steel toecaps and boots Wilco again in the groin.
[public] Wilco dies.
[public] Volari: And there was much rejoicing.

Every 3,000 Lightyears

“When we were told to move to the Tardis, I spent several hours in stellar cartograhpy, pretending I was watching the stars on Earth.” Brianne confesses, “It was nice. And everyone else was so busy moving that nobody interrupted.”
Frerdine pauses, and looks at Brianne a bit. “Well…technically that would be misuse of Starfleet resources, but it’s so minor that I won’t tell anybody…” he says, sipping his tea.
Mandy begins to wonder if she should find a seat. She glances around for one.
Brianne briefly sticks her tongue out at Frerdine, which is a bit odd (to say the least) considering her age and all. Nevermind that she’s in StarFleet. Laughing, she shakes her head slightly.
Frerdine blinks at Brianne, looking somewhat taken aback by the tongue sticking-out. He decides to have some more tea. Yes. Tea is good.
Mandy finds a chair in an appropriate place, and sits on it. She continues listening to the (apparentl lack of) conversation.
Brianne giggles a bit at Frerdine’s reaction and sips on her lemonade. Yes, she IS odd.
Frerdine said that! Frerdine sips at his tea, and then pauses. “You’re alright, right, Brianne?” he asks the appropriate person.
Mandy flags down the bartender, and whipers an order to him.”
Brianne laughs, “Of course I’m alright!”
Of course she’s not alright in the head.
“Well…you know. Sticking tongues out, even informally…have you been to sickbay lately? Maybe you’ve caught something from the science lab.” Frerdine seems genuinely concerned.
Brianne shakes her head and laughs, “I’m fine, really.” She looks at Mandy and asks, “Do I look sick to you?” Yeah. Ask an Engineer for medical advice. Good.
Mandy says “Well, nothing’s falling off, and no smoke is coming out. In my experience, that’s a good sign. Had an oil change lately?”

Do a Barrel Roll

Dante says “Oh, yeah. And the sax destruction was all me. He has nothing in his bio that suggests any musical talent whatsoever, although he does indicate that he spent a lot of time playing ‘flight simulator games’. Which is good, because the Ikarans are going to show up in fokkers and spitfires next week, and we’ll need a pilot that’s good at bloody barrel rolls.”

How DO They Work?

O’Connor raises a hand to his face, rubbing his temples. He decides to speak to Alastair. At least he makes sense. “Obviously this is a problem.” he says, “I am not arguing that. However, the cruiser in mention was cloaked, and has already left Federation space.” Now he turns back to the President. “Now. Unless you really want to attempt to order me to fly a few starships into Romulan space and FIND A CLOAKED SHIP –” he doesn’t raise his voice, but the tone change is unmistakable –” I suggest that you bark up another tree, or perhaps take one of those extension classes where they show you cartoon graphics of how a cloak works.”

You Weren’t?

Since you are apparently so new at this, Madam President, I shall do you the favor of explaining to you that Starfleet is ‘well’ aware of the fact that we do not want Romulans or Klingons -flying around Federation space-.” The Commodore pauses. “Second, unless I missed a memo between the Command Center and the docking hub, there are no Romulan shuttles that we are going to ‘capture’. Especially if they were taken away under cloak. My anti-cloak glasses are in my ‘other’ uniform, so that’s just a no-go.” he stops for a moment. “Third, and I probably shouldn’t have to mention this, but third — you are the EARTH President. Unless there is some sort of state of emergency, you do not have the authority to order me to as so much as cough. I might also remind you that I am /fully/ aware of my job description, having not been born a Flag officer.”

They’re the Same Thing, Right?

Frerdine says “Science, dock us.”
Acknowledged: Requesting automated docking with Starbase1…
Status: USS Banneker is now secured at docking bay 2.
Brianne chuckles faintly, “We’re now docked.”
Frerdine nods, presses a few buttons, then looks at Brianne. “Ah…how that funny?” he asks.
Brianne glances up at Frerdine and asks, “What’s that, Commander?”
Frerdine explains. “You were…chuckling,” he says. “When you said we were dying.”
Brianne looks at Frerdine oddly, “I said no such thing, Commander.”
Frerdine blinks, and smacks his head with the palm of his hand. “Docking,” he corrects. “Sorry, I’m just…a little scrambled today.”

Anyone But Wilco

Empire Announcement from Dante: “I’m leaving in a bit. Does anyone need anything else?”
Empire Announcement from Dante: “Wilco, shaddup. ”
Empire Announcement from Wilco: “Yeah, two whiskeys and a…screw you!”
Empire Announcement from Wolf: “I need some money, and a pizza, and a builder!”
Empire Announcement from Wolf: “And the Toga back… and Palin”
Empire Announcement from Wolf: “ANd… um… I think that’s it for now!”

Wilco Wasn’t COMPLETELY Wrong

(OOC chatter on OGR while Wilco and Smith were roleplaying)
Wilco says, “And lo, I avoid death again. :P”
Othic says, “Dammit, Wilco. Go. :)”
Othic says, “He [pyRite]’ll defect and we’ll get the Kage back. :)_”
Wilco says, “Okay, but if I die, it’s your ass. :P”
Wilco says, “(this is totally an excuse to kill somebody off. Otherwise, why wouldn’t he come back to SB1 with us? Huh? Huh? :P)”
(the meeting proceeded without incident, and Wilco was shot down by somebody else on his way back from it. Ah, irony.)’


Wilco doesn’t ICly like people trying to control him because HE IS NOT A ROBOT.
Brianne says “Oh? Then what’s this remote for? :P”
Cass says “Oooo, turn him off!”
Wilco says “Where’d you get that?”
Brianne presses random buttons.
Wilco jolts around randomly, and kisses the channel kiosk passionately.
Cass ooooos and snickers.
Brianne blinks, “Oops. Which button was /that/?”
Slate says “The one labeled ‘Kiosk Rape’.”
Wilco says “What, you think I know? I don’t use the remot.”
Wilco says “e.”
Cass grins, “Trying pushing em all at once!”
Brianne pushes all the buttons at once.
Wilco moves in every direction at the same time, shoots randomly into the air, and ballroom dances.

To Jupiter and Back

Smith says “Bring us to a stop Cadet.”
De’Wolfie OOCly says “Is this base moving?”