Every 3,000 Lightyears

“When we were told to move to the Tardis, I spent several hours in stellar cartograhpy, pretending I was watching the stars on Earth.” Brianne confesses, “It was nice. And everyone else was so busy moving that nobody… Read More

Do a Barrel Roll

Dante says “Oh, yeah. And the sax destruction was all me. He has nothing in his bio that suggests any musical talent whatsoever, although he does indicate that he spent a lot of time playing ‘flight simulator games’…. Read More

How DO They Work?

O’Connor raises a hand to his face, rubbing his temples. He decides to speak to Alastair. At least he makes sense. “Obviously this is a problem.” he says, “I am not arguing that. However, the cruiser in mention… Read More

You Weren’t?

Since you are apparently so new at this, Madam President, I shall do you the favor of explaining to you that Starfleet is ‘well’ aware of the fact that we do not want Romulans or Klingons -flying around… Read More

They’re the Same Thing, Right?

Frerdine says “Science, dock us.” Acknowledged: Requesting automated docking with Starbase1… Status: USS Banneker is now secured at docking bay 2. Brianne chuckles faintly, “We’re now docked.” Frerdine nods, presses a few buttons, then looks at Brianne. “Ah…how… Read More

Anyone But Wilco

Empire Announcement from Dante: “I’m leaving in a bit. Does anyone need anything else?” Empire Announcement from Dante: “Wilco, shaddup. ” Empire Announcement from Wilco: “Yeah, two whiskeys and a…screw you!” Empire Announcement from Wolf: “I need some… Read More

Wilco Wasn’t COMPLETELY Wrong

(OOC chatter on OGR while Wilco and Smith were roleplaying) Wilco says, “And lo, I avoid death again. :P” Othic says, “Dammit, Wilco. Go. :)” Othic says, “He [pyRite]’ll defect and we’ll get the Kage back. :)_” Wilco… Read More


Wilco doesn’t ICly like people trying to control him because HE IS NOT A ROBOT. Brianne says “Oh? Then what’s this remote for? :P” Cass says “Oooo, turn him off!” Wilco says “Where’d you get that?” Brianne presses… Read More

To Jupiter and Back

Smith says “Bring us to a stop Cadet.” De’Wolfie OOCly says “Is this base moving?”

Might as Well Swim There

Smith nods at the navigations officer, “Maintain current heading. Full speed.” De’Wolfie says “Full speed, aye.” Smith looks at his screens, “Navigations.. best /warp/ speed please.” Ciannon whispers something to Smith. Smith whispers something to Ciannon. Ciannon whispers… Read More