About TOS


TOS TrekMUSH is an attempt at recreating the spirit of the original TOS TrekMUSE (see below). Several players of the original MUSE have used logs and their own experiences to make a MUSH that embodies the nostalgia that players feel when they think about the original game. For many of these players, TOS TrekMUSE was the first MU* that they ever played on, making this recreation a special thing indeed.

Although it’s been over a decade since the original game disappeared, TOS lives on.



TOS TrekMUSE  was a ‘MUSE’, related to servers such as PennMUSHTinyMUSHTinyMUXRhost, etc. If you don’t know what any of these are, there are plenty of websites out there with explainations.

TOS TrekMUSE was a custom coded MU* server and, at the time of its death, the longest continuously running Star Trek MU* in existence. It was also one of the longest running MU* of any type. According to MacGyver, the founder and owner, the game began February 1st, 1991. It went public in March of 1992. When TOS died for the last time, it was 13 or 14 years old.

Despite the growing proliferation of other MU* (there are hundreds) and graphics based games drawing even more players away from the text-based gaming world, TOS continued to enjoy a strong following despite its instabilities. Players may leave, but they never forget about their time there. Many eventually return. TOS TrekMUSE had it’s share of problems, but there is also much pleasure in playing.

There is just something about TOS that people love, no matter what. A spirit of friendship, satisfaction and a mystique that is hard to find anywhere else (I’ve looked).

This site, then, pays tribute to those players who have made TOS what was: One of the best MU* around and a great place to play and hang out.