You Weren’t?

Since you are apparently so new at this, Madam President, I shall do you the favor of explaining to you that Starfleet is ‘well’ aware of the fact that we do not want Romulans or Klingons -flying around Federation space-.” The Commodore pauses. “Second, unless I missed a memo between the Command Center and the docking hub, there are no Romulan shuttles that we are going to ‘capture’. Especially if they were taken away under cloak. My anti-cloak glasses are in my ‘other’ uniform, so that’s just a no-go.” he stops for a moment. “Third, and I probably shouldn’t have to mention this, but third — you are the EARTH President. Unless there is some sort of state of emergency, you do not have the authority to order me to as so much as cough. I might also remind you that I am /fully/ aware of my job description, having not been born a Flag officer.”

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