You Can Keep Those Boxes

Chamberlain OOCly says “just wanted to make an OOC note here… you do _not_ pick up any interpresonal communication that Chamberlain is trying to make a move on you. I was reading some of what was said already, and saw that things may be misinterpreted!!! Sorry!”
Kristal OOCly says “Don’t worry. I’m not reading anything into it. I have enough potential suitors as is. :)”
Chamberlain OOCly says “Yeah, I can see!! It’s what made me think of just casually mentioning that OOCly.”
Kristal OOCly grins.
Chamberlain OOCly takes Kristal’s hand in his… “Kristal, darling… do not be saddened… your Elliott shall return to you someday… but my sweet, until then, please… my darling… take my heart in his stead. Let me be the one you think of, the one who can assist with engineering… let me open all your spider-filled boxes…”
Kristal OOCly giggles. “Silly goose.”

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