Wilco doesn’t ICly like people trying to control him because HE IS NOT A ROBOT.
Brianne says “Oh? Then what’s this remote for? :P”
Cass says “Oooo, turn him off!”
Wilco says “Where’d you get that?”
Brianne presses random buttons.
Wilco jolts around randomly, and kisses the channel kiosk passionately.
Cass ooooos and snickers.
Brianne blinks, “Oops. Which button was /that/?”
Slate says “The one labeled ‘Kiosk Rape’.”
Wilco says “What, you think I know? I don’t use the remot.”
Wilco says “e.”
Cass grins, “Trying pushing em all at once!”
Brianne pushes all the buttons at once.
Wilco moves in every direction at the same time, shoots randomly into the air, and ballroom dances.

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