Wilco Wasn’t COMPLETELY Wrong

(OOC chatter on OGR while Wilco and Smith were roleplaying)
Wilco says, “And lo, I avoid death again. :P”
Othic says, “Dammit, Wilco. Go. :)”
Othic says, “He [pyRite]’ll defect and we’ll get the Kage back. :)_”
Wilco says, “Okay, but if I die, it’s your ass. :P”
Wilco says, “(this is totally an excuse to kill somebody off. Otherwise, why wouldn’t he come back to SB1 with us? Huh? Huh? :P)”
(the meeting proceeded without incident, and Wilco was shot down by somebody else on his way back from it. Ah, irony.)’

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