USS Marshmallow

Rhianha wooos…marshmellow…munches.
Rhianha offers S’Kard a marshmellow too.
S’Kard waves and flops on a couch.
Rhianha says “Wow, we have a party going on here.”
S’Kard accepts the marshmallow. “Thanks doll.”
Rhianha smiles, “No problem, anything for my hero.”
TuvoQ breaks out a barrel of blood wine to help the celebrations start 😉
Sedack abstains from the festivities, “I’m trying to eat healthier.”
S’Kard reaches over to one of the potted plants, breaks off a twig, and sticks the marshmallow on the end. Pulling out his disruptor, he torches a foot stool nearby. As the flames build, he extends the marshmallow over it.
Rhianha giggles.
TuvoQ says “I want to do that too!!”
S’Kard grins as the marshmallow cathes fire. Bringing it back to him, leaning in to blow it out, he pauses, a mischievous grin on his face. Bending the soft twig, he releases it, sending the little sticky flaming comet whipping across the room. “Look! It’s like a feddy vessel after a Stellar Run <tm> !!!”
Rhianha falls over in a fit of giggles.
S’Kard points at the gooey mess sliding down the wall. “I hereby christen thee, the ‘USS Marshamallow’.”

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