They’re the Same Thing, Right?

Frerdine says “Science, dock us.”
Acknowledged: Requesting automated docking with Starbase1…
Status: USS Banneker is now secured at docking bay 2.
Brianne chuckles faintly, “We’re now docked.”
Frerdine nods, presses a few buttons, then looks at Brianne. “Ah…how that funny?” he asks.
Brianne glances up at Frerdine and asks, “What’s that, Commander?”
Frerdine explains. “You were…chuckling,” he says. “When you said we were dying.”
Brianne looks at Frerdine oddly, “I said no such thing, Commander.”
Frerdine blinks, and smacks his head with the palm of his hand. “Docking,” he corrects. “Sorry, I’m just…a little scrambled today.”

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