The “Ron Saga”: Introduction

This page, perhaps, needs a little explanation. Normally, I would probably not devote an entire section to one person, especially one such as Ron, but his exploits were (although also annoying) rather humorous and legendary. This page might also serve as a ‘what not to do on TOS’ (or any other MU*, for that matter).

‘Ron’ was a short lived character on TOS. Instead of following procedure, he immediately started trying to boss around the admin and older players. NOT a good idea. Really. He quickly ‘twinked out’ in the Federation and moved to the Klingons. They were not impressed with him either and he was quickly vaporised (after about 30 minutes IC; so he was IC for less time than he was as a Romulan, but he actually ‘RPed’ with Klingons). He then went to the Romulans. After bothering people there, he finally managed to get approved for RP. He broke his RPloc twice in 24 hours (that must be a record in and of itself) and insulted the Romulan Head admin (S’Kerus), H’Daen, Aidoann and various other people. As a result, S’Kerus banned him from the empire and he quickly promised ‘he’d change’ (something he’d been promising each time he got killed/banned). This is probably a record of some sort, since he was only IC approved for 24 hours and did not even RP once.

His ‘favorite’ scheme after getting kicked out is/was to connect and pretend he had no idea who ‘Ron’ is/was. Below are some snippets from his time on TOS. He was Ron, then as a Klingon he was Ralan, and finally he was Rihhan, the Romulan. Also, he tried to be ‘Malcom’, but he never got the registration email for that name.

At one point, this page featured logs from non-TOS MU*s. Unfortunately, it seems that they’ve gone missing. Below is what happened when he left TOS. I’m leaving the archival links in place, even though they go nowhere.

Someone was kind enough to send me two random Ron-logs, but unfortunately I’m not sure what MU* they’re from. I’d guess Legacy, but I don’t know. I’ll properly credit them when I find out.

There was, what I believe to be, a false-Ron sighting on ST:Ressurrection.

Update! Ron has now been kicked off of ANOTHER MU*, this time ATS. For more details, see the special Joseph ATS Page.

Ron has joined yet another MU* I’m on. He claims again to have changed, but has he really? (Addendum: he has been kicked off as of November 24/25, 2005)

Players on ST: Legacy have offered to send me even more Ron-logs. Aren’t they nice?

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