Soft & Cuddly

Chamberlain leans forward. he looks left and right conspiratorily… “I am Ensign Aldar’s lover.” He smirks. “Just kidding.”
Kristal OOCly says “ROFL! Too bad you didn’t see the ooc conversation earlier, or you might not have said that.”
Chamberlain OOCly says “LOL! hehe wish I did. :)”
Kristal giggles softly and shakes her head. Smiling widely, she says, “Well, if that is what you are into, Lt, I won’t stop you.”
Kristal OOCly wonders if Bri will put it on her TOS Moments page.
Chamberlain laughs out loud.. “Oh no… I like girls. No offense to Ensign Aldar, but I like soft and cuddly things, not strong and brutish things.”
Kristal nods slowly and says, “Good, I was beginning to worry about you, Lt. I wouldn’t want to have to report you to Ensign Ciannon for another check up.”
Chamberlain shakes his head. “The Doctor, eh? You are a cruel, cruel woman!”
Kristal grins widely and says in a teasing voice, “Why, Lt, I never thought you would notice. I’m flattered, really I am.”
Chamberlain stifles a chuckle. “The Iron Maiden. Congratualations, you have a new nickname, Chief.” He leans in… “It’ll be our secret.”

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