Might as Well Swim There

Smith nods at the navigations officer, “Maintain current heading. Full speed.”
De’Wolfie says “Full speed, aye.”
Smith looks at his screens, “Navigations.. best /warp/ speed please.”
Ciannon whispers something to Smith.
Smith whispers something to Ciannon.
Ciannon whispers something to Smith.
Smith OOCly says “You missed the transport a few minutes back.”
De’Wolfie hesitates for a moment, “Warp? sir.” he asks quietly.
Ciannon rises from the communications console.
Wed Mar 16 22:47:15 2005
Smith nods impassivly from his station, “Yes Navigations.. warp speed. Faster then light travel. At impulse velocity, it will take us many life times that I don’t have to get to Nimbus.”

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