Hacking TOS

[public] Guest1 has joined the channel.
[public] Guest1: can i transfer money to my acount[D
[public] Wilco: <Genius> Hello, Guest! Welcome to TOS TrekMUSE!
[public] Wilco: <Genius> And wha
[public] Wilco: <Genius> ?
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> what account?
[public] Guest1: can i pub can i upload any passwd list
[public] Xander: <T’Lara’s Kitten> ?
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> if you make a character, a password will be generated for you. You can change that later though.
[public] Guest1: can i hack any system from here
[public] Wilco: <Genius> Yes, in fact.
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> most definately not.
[public] Wilco: <Genius> We hack the FBI all the time.
[public] Wilco: <Genius> Every day.
[public] Wilco: <Genius> Yeah.
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> oh, those yes.
[public] Slate: <Bring the Pain> And the CIA.
[public] Wilco: <Genius> Especially the CIA.
[public] Xander: <T’Lara’s Kitten> NSA for newbies.
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> /OUTSIDE/ accounts yes. not TOS accounts though.
[public] Slate: <Bring the Pain> lolz we r 1337 hax0r5
[Tagrith] S’Kard: <TagrithBody> let the GAMES BEGIN!
[public] Xander: <T’Lara’s Kitten> but seriously though, no. hell no.
[public] Guest1: what i will do to hack a www.schoolnet.edu.lb
[public] Slate: <Bring the Pain> Alt+f4
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> just give us your IP, and we’ll submit your name^D^D^D^D^D^D^D^D send you the archive.
[public] Slate: <Bring the Pain> Open up a command prompt.
[public] Slate: <Bring the Pain> When you do, type in cd .. until it just says c:>
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> Guest, page me your name, passwords, and home addres, and I’ll set you up with a Platinum Account.
[public] Guest1: are you messing with me
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> who us? Never.
[public] Slate: <Bring the Pain> Nope, try it. It works great.
[public] Xander: <T’Lara’s Kitten> I did THAT one at school
[public] Slate: <Bring the Pain> Just press y every time it asks you to confirm.
[public] Xander: <T’Lara’s Kitten> really screwed them up
[public] Slate: <Bring the Pain> We’re the 1337 of the 1337 around here.
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> if you pay by PayPal, I’ll give you a 25% discount.
[public] Guest1: you mean to delete the computers
[public] Xander: <T’Lara’s Kitten> naahhh
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> seriously, we’re like 1337 x 10^1337
[public] Slate: <Bring the Pain> Deltree actually connects you to any website on the internet instantly. It’s the backdoor that Microsoft put into Windows.
[public] Guest1: logon this host xxx.xxxxxxx.xxx.xx
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> no thanks, you come to me.
[public] Slate: <Bring the Pain> How about you logon to my site first?
[public] Slate: <Bring the Pain> www.tubgirl.com
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> you need to prove yourself first. Go break 8bit.org.
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> but tell them SNW sent you.
[public] Guest1: what is the port
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> for which? 8bit or SNW? hang on…
[public] Guest1: 8bit
[public] Wilco: <Genius> …port 80? Yeesh.
[public] Guest1: do you have a username
[public] Wilco: <Genius> There wouldn’t be much of a point in getting you to break it if we just gave you a username and PW, wouldn’t there?
[public] Guest1: fuck you all’

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