Fork You!

Brianne chuckles, “Ah. I know how that is. Well, I didn’t graduate very long ago myself.”
Fri Oct 21 17:32:54 2005
Frerdine nods. “It’s really remarkable. By the time I’m a seventy-year old Captain with an office in Starfleet Command, I’ll think I’ve been around since the Mesozoic.”
Brianne laughs, “Like Admiral Wilco?” She takes a sip of her juice.
Frerdine chuckles and shrugs. “He’s really not that old. My father’s older than he is, I think,” Frerdine points out. “But, hey, maybe he thinks that playing up his age will let him attract -human- women this time.” He smirks.
Brianne gives Frerdine a curious look but says nothing aside from, “Oh?”
Frerdine nods, smiling slightly. “It was a joke,” he explains. “I’m not very good at them. You hear about that dalliance he had with the Romulan ambassador…phew…was it last year?”
Brianne nods, “Of course I heard.” She shrugs slightly.
Frerdine nods. “Okay, I guess it just wasn’t funny, then. I thought it was.” He shrugs.
Fri Oct 21 17:47:53 2005
Brianne smiles faintly, “My specialty is xenobiology.”
Frerdine ahs, and nods. He then polishes off his beverage. “Xenobiology. Must be desperately dull.”
Brianne shakes her head, “I find it quite interesting. All those species… Andorians, Tellarites, Romulans, Klingons…. Ikarans.”
Database save complete.
Frerdine grimaces, slightly, at the mention of the psychic teddy bears. And who can blame him? “Well, not really my cup of whatever I just drank, is all I’m saying.”
Brianne blinks in surprise, “You don’t know what you just drank?”
The door from the crew lounge slides open.
|                    USS Falkenberg Internal Occupants Scan                    |
| Rank   Name        Sex    Race    Flags Location                           |
| —————————————————————————- |
| LtCmd  Frerdine    Male   Human   C     Deck 2 – Primary Hull: Crew Lounge |
| Capt   Smith       Male   Human   CA    Deck 2 – Primary Hull: Fore Corrid |
| Cadet  Hinajosa    male   Human   C     Deck 2 – Primary Hull: Observation |
| RAdml  O’Connor    Male   Human   C     Deck 2 – Primary Hull: Crew Lounge |
| Lt     Brianne     Female Human   C     Deck 2 – Primary Hull: Crew Lounge |
| —————————————————————————- |
| Awake Occupants: 5                                                           |
Smith comes in from the corridor.
Smith has arrived.
The door from the crew lounge slides closed.
You hear a strong voice in your head: SURRENDER. ALL OF YOU MUST SURRENDER TO US! This is followed by a strong compulsion to attack the first being you see.
Frerdine shakes his head. “It was sitting on the table when I got here,” he explains. “I scanned it, it wasn’t poisonous, so bottoms up.”
Brianne OOCly says “Bah…”
Fri Oct 21 18:02:53 2005
Smith approaches the door to the corridor.
The door to the corridor slides open.
Smith heads through the door to the corridor.
Smith has left.
The door to the corridor slides closed.
Brianne blinks once and frowns, wincing slightly. Suddenly, she stands up and lunges at Frerdine, “How dare you!”
Frerdine does what anybody would do. Namely, he stumbles the hell back, tipping his chair over as Brianne lunges, losing his balance and caught entirely off-guard. “Gak!” is all he can get out.
At the same time this occurs, another crewmember, nameless.. probably security, reaches over and lunges at Frerdine, stabbing him in the leg with a dinner fork, which juts out, blood pooling around it.
Brianne seems rather intent on trying to strangle Frerdine, despite him losing his balance.
Frerdine, being stabbed and strangled, does what anybody would do. Namely, he pulls the fork out of his leg and goes for Brianne’s eye.
Brianne OOCly says “Anybody would do that?!”
Frerdine OOCly says, “Well, many people would. :P”
Frerdine OOCly says, “It’s the twenty-third century. Eyes are easy to fix. :P”
Brianne OOCly says “But it entails going to SICKBAY! I’m so gonna whack somebody upside the head. :P”
Frerdine OOCly grins.
O’Connor raises an eyebrow, mouth slightly agape at the interesting panorama of insanity that is spreading across the room. Well, spreading is perhaps a bad word. Anne and Frerdine are being insane, and Crewman X is missing a fork. So what is an Admiral to do? Shoot them first. Yep. Good idea.
Brianne OOCly says “I knew the admin were evil. I didn’t know they were this evil. :P”
Ship’s Computer: Unauthorized weapons fire detected on Deck 2, Primary Hull: Crew Lounge.
O’Connor discharges his weapon but strikes nothing.
A glare of light emits from O’Connor’s weapon and strikes Brianne.
You’ve fallen unconscious.
There is quiet crackle as the comm panel is activated.
O’Connor OOCly says “Funny, that time I meant to hit Frerdine.”
Frerdine OOCly says, “Your marksmanship is commendable.”
O’Connor OOCly says “Carry on, Frer. I’m out of shots for this round.”
<Intercom> Smith says “Captain to Lounge, report.”
You have regained consciouness.
Brianne OOCly says “Ow.”
Fri Oct 21 18:17:53 2005
“Agh!” Frerdine says as he takes the advantage of his opportunity to throw Brianne off and get to his feet. Shakily, since his leg is hurt. Unaware that the second shot was intended for him, he nods at O’Connor. “Thank you, sir. Good shooting. Ah…son of a bitch.” He rubs his leg with one hand and his throat with the other.
Brianne OOCly says “I assume I’m still supposed to try to attack him?”
<Intercom> Smith says “Lounge?”
There is a click as an intercom connection is closed.
Ship’s Computer: Smith Announces, “Security to Crew Lounge”
Brianne groans and starts to stir, the phaser shot starting to wear off.
The door from the crew lounge slides open.
Smith comes in from the corridor.
Smith has arrived.
The door from the crew lounge slides closed.
Brianne OOCly pokes?
Frerdine OOCly says, “O’Connor is dead?”
The door from the crew lounge slides open.
Neville comes in from the corridor.
Neville has arrived.
The door from the crew lounge slides closed.
Brianne OOCly says “I hope he didn’t shoot himself. ;)”
Frerdine OOCly grins.
Frerdine OOCly says, “Pose around him, I guess.”
Brianne OOCly nods.
Neville OOCly says, “Ron’s back?”
Brianne is laying on the floor, semi-conscious.
Frerdine OOCly says, “No, this is actual RP. :P”
Frerdine is standing, bleeding badly from a wound in his leg and rubbing his neck gingerly, looking down at Brianne a bit bewilderedly.
Smith has just arrived with a few security officers in tow, phasers drawn.. as is the custom when there is weapons fire on the ship..
Neville pulls a Federation Phaser Pistol from his belt.
Fri Oct 21 18:32:53 2005
Brianne groans softly and starts to blink her eyes open.
Smith OOCly says “right.. soo…”
“Who the hell is firing phasers around here?” The new Captain queries as he glances about ready to shoot something.
Seeing Smith come in, Frerdine snaps to attention. “Sir,” he says, hoarsely. “I don’t know what happened…Lieutenant McCree just seemed to snap. She seemed to be upset about something but I can’t remember what, we were talking about -biology-…”
Smith looks at you.
Brianne OOCly chuckles.
Brianne is about to give Smith something to shoot at. Yes indeed. Seeing and hearing Frerdine, she rolls over and tries to grab his leg. “You… You… YOU!” she shouts. Not much for sneak attacks, is she?
“Right then..” The Captain mumbles stuffing his pistol back into his belt. He moves to the intercom and flips it on.. he is cut short by the rouge Lieutenant moving again. He then gives Neville a signal to intervene.
Frerdine’s leg is not in good shape right now, and even Brianne just grabbing it hurts. “Ow!” he says, just trying to shake her off. “Whatever it was, Lieutenant, I’m sorry, alright?”
The door from the crew lounge slides open.
Hinajosa comes in from the corridor.
Hinajosa has arrived.
The door from the crew lounge slides closed.
Neville frowns and kneels between the woman on the floor and her would-be attackee. He gently releases her grip on his leg so as not to further injure him and motions for him to go sit down somewhere and try to quit bleeding on the carpet.
Neville looks at everyone, all his superiors, and says with a frown “Has anyone called the infirmary yet?”
Hinajosa slowly steps in to investigate what’s going on keeping his head low, sees’ everything looks ok and comes to attention “Captain, (pauses to see the Secuirty officer kneeling)
Brianne isn’t to be shaken off that easily. As Neville tries to pry her off of Frerdine, she turns her attack on him instead.
Neville looks at you.
Smith grumbles as the Lieutenant turns her assaults on the Ensign, “Calm down Lieutenant. That’s and order.”
Frerdine, naturally, does sit down. “Ah, man. That’s going to need…” he glances at his leg, “about five seconds with a protoplaser, actually.” He smiles, in a relieved way.
Brianne OOCly laughs.
Neville OOCly says, “heh”
Neville proceeds to put the woman into submission, which shouldn’t be too terribly difficult given their comparable sizes and her current physical condition, but.. stranger things have happened.
Hinajosa folds his arms in a Professional way observing the scene in front of him, “Someone need a Doctor?”
Smith OOCly says “Neville, punch Anne to see the results of your ‘put her into submission’.”
Brianne OOCly laughs.
Hinajosa OOCly chuckles
Smith OOCly is serious.
Neville OOCly says, “I wasn’t going to punch her..more like hold her hands still so she can’t do anything stupid? :P”
Smith OOCly says “A punch is just a roll of dice to see the outcome.”
Smith OOCly says “Based on physical skill. It’s how we judge physical struggles, such as this.”
Hinajosa OOCly says “Neville, try a freelance kick :0”
Neville will OOCly pass, “and, my bad :P”
Hinajosa OOCly laughs
Brianne OOCly waits.
Fri Oct 21 18:47:53 2005
Brianne OOCly pokes Neville.
Hinajosa OOCly watches the Silence
Frerdine OOCly says.
Frerdine OOCly says, “Neville is dead.”
Neville OOCly says, “Cool…”
Brianne OOCly says “I didn’t poke him that hard!”
Hinajosa OOCly says “Dead?”
Hinajosa OOCly says “I guess Starfleet will have to recruit a new Security Officer :)”
Brianne OOCly says “Neville? You gonna punch me? :P”
Neville OOCly says, “I just tried to pin your hands to the ground so you couldn’t hit me anymore, its your turn 😛 and I hadn’t planned on punching you, no ;)”
Frerdine OOCly says, “A punch is how you test if you succeed.”
Brianne OOCly says “OOCly, you have to try to punch me.”
Frerdine OOCly says, “It’s just a code-based way of testing your physique against hers.”
Neville punches Brianne.
You feel fine.
Smith OOCly says “There we go, success. :)”
Smith OOCly says “Anne, you can now pose. :)”
Neville OOCly says, “ffs :\”
Brianne OOCly says “OW! ;)”
Database save complete.
Neville OOCly says, “So…in order to see if I was successful in pinning her, I have to punch her? meh…”
Brianne OOCly says “Yep. :P”
Brianne continues to try to fight off Neville, despite being pinned down, and apparently ignoring Smith’s orders. This includes trying to bite his arms and trying to kick him where no guy should ever be kicked.
You kick Neville.
Hinajosa watches the Officers testing each other in amusement “You don’t need a Doctor for this, you need a Psychiatrist.
Neville winces in pain and can’t help but curse in the Captain’s presence…he says, with a tear in his eye, still holding the crazy woman, “No, I think we need a doctor.”
Neville punches Brianne.
You feel fine.
Neville OOCly says, “:'(”
Hinajosa OOCly says “chuckles”
Frerdine glares at Hinajosa. “Shut up, Cadet,” he says, staying out of the brawl.
Hinajosa looks to Ensign Neville “Best I can offer.., (pauses to look at the small male) “That tears it Commander, You apparently read my kindness for weakness” (puts down his MedKit and Tricorder rolling up his sleeves)
Smith frowns at the engagement once more. He shoots a look at the
Smith frowns at the engagement once more. He shoots a look at the Cadet, “Back off Cadet. See what you can do for the Commander.”
Hinajosa nods grumbling about wanting to put him in Sickbay, but simply says “Aye Sir.”
Brianne continues to try to fight off her ‘attacker’.
You kick Neville.
Hinajosa walks over to Lt. Commander Neville with Medkit in hand “Lets’ have a look Commander”
Neville OOCly says, “W00t, promotion”
Brianne OOCly laughs.
Hinajosa OOCly says “oops”
Brianne OOCly says “I’m kinda in the middle of trying to beat up Neville here. :P”
Frerdine OOCly imagines he meant me. 😛
Hinajosa OOCly says “wrong injured person”
Hinajosa OOCly chuckles and reposes
Fri Oct 21 19:02:53 2005
Hinajosa walks over to Lt. Commander Frerdine with Medkit in hand “Let’s have a lookk Commander”
Neville is thrown back by a kick to the chest and hits the back of his head on a nearby chair…he grunts, his vision temperorarily blurred. He rubs the back of his head then looks at his finger tips for any signs of blood – none – then stands up, frustrated, and points his phaser pistol at the woman and looks at the Captain.
Hinajosa OOCly says “is this a leg injury or what Frerdine?”
“That’s enough.” The Captain states and draws his pistol once more, takes quick aim at Brianne and fires off a quick shot.
Smith OOCly says “If I miss this, then I suck greatly.”
Brianne OOCly laughs.
Hinajosa OOCly laughs
Smith takes aim at Brianne.
Neville OOCly says, “and I will have lost all faith in you as a commander”
Ship’s Computer: Unauthorized weapons fire detected on Deck 2, Primary Hull: Crew Lounge.
A glare of light emits from Smith’s weapon and strikes Frerdine.
Brianne OOCly laughs!
Smith OOCly laughs.
Frerdine seems a little disoriented.
Smith OOCly says “That was Authorized, fool. :)”
Hinajosa OOCly says “what the hell? :)”
O’Connor has reconnected.
Frerdine OOCly says, “Nice shot, Smith. :P”
O’Connor OOCly says “Excuse my suddent vanish-ed-ness.”
Smith OOCly says “That was pretty gay. I’m standing, she’s on the ground. Frer is 10 feet away, I’ve got good weapons skills.. that’s sad. :)”
Brianne OOCly snickers.
Frerdine glances at the Cadet and nods, going to roll up his uniform leg to show off the wound. “It doesn’t look deep…” he says, and it doesn’t. “Probably just unh!” A phaser blast rings off his arm and he glances up, somewhat alarmed and wobbling a bit on his chair.
Hinajosa looks to the Captain, then back to the Commander. Grabs the Commander with the bulk of his 275 pounds dragging him to safety
O’Connor OOCly says “How much do you weigh?”
Hinajosa OOCly says “275”
Neville OOCly says, “Now you have to punch him right? :)”
Hinajosa OOCly says “7’0 tall 275 lbs”
O’Connor OOCly says “Not a chance. ”
Frerdine OOCly says, “Lay off the fried chicken.”
O’Connor OOCly says “There’s a one in a million shot at you being over 6’5 or so.”
Hinajosa OOCly laughs
Hinajosa puts down his identification card.
Brianne starts to stand up, the phaser shot having missed her, and goes to attack Frerdine again.
This is a standard United Federation of Planets ID Card.
Hinajosa OOCly says “look for ur self o’c”
Hinajosa grabs Brianne coming between her and the Commander
Dante appears in the midst of a huge puff of smoke and fire.
Ron runs over with a fire extinguisher and blasts the poor admin with fire-retardant chemicals, then asks for a retcon.
Dante has arrived.
Neville tosses his phaser pistol into the corner so that she cannot wrestle it away from him and dives at Brianne in an attempt to spare Frerdine further assault…
Neville kicks Brianne.
You feel fine.
Federation ID Card – 8562 has left.
Hinajosa picks up his identification card.
Brianne OOCly says “Ow.”
Dante OOCly says “Shhhsh for a minute.”
Neville grunts with the impact and mutters, “Gotcha”
Smith aims again.. but can’t shoot cause Neville jumped in the way.
Smith takes aim at Brianne.
Brianne OOCly says “Shoot him anyway. :P”
Neville OOCly says, “lol”
Empire Announcement from Dante: “Stop for a sec. ”
Empire Announcement from Dante: “Next person who OOCs will get shot by me. And I don’t miss.”
Dante says “Hinajosa, you simply cannot be seven feet tall. No way. The corridors are probably designed for people between 5’5 and 6’3, maximum. Even outside the UFP races that tall are rare, and among humans there have only been a handfull of that size, unless you are willing to RP the medical disabilities that go along with such.”
Othic has arrived.
Othic says “And two RL bio dudes says it doesn’t happen.”
Neville rolls away from Brianne after knocking her down and away from Frerdine and the doctor…
Hinajosa OOCly says “so how do i rp the handicap in height, there are people RL that are taller”
Neville OOCly says, “Well, you probably have a bad back from being hunched over so much…”
Dante OOCly says “RL has nothing to do with it. Starfleet would no doubt be forced to regulate the maximum/minimum height of it’s officers in order to make ships that are of a reasonable medium, for one.”
Dante OOCly says “Just like submariners are today. ”
Smith says “And the airforce with pilots.”
Hinajosa OOCly laughs to Neville “The standard buildings are between 7 and 8 foot ceilings
Neville OOCly says, “This isn’t a building”
Dante OOCly says “Again, I’m not disallowing it. However, besides joint pain, likely rhumatic or autoimmune arthrits, you’d probably have some sort of heart failure, poor circulation, erectile disfunction.. all sorts of bad stuff.”
Frerdine OOCly says, “Ships are not buildings. Ships, like submarines, need to get the most stuff in the least space. Ceilings would be lower, for one thing.”
Dante OOCly says “Basically, you’d be Wilco, just fifty years younger.”
Othic says “And that other destroyer definitely doesn’t have the space..”
Dante OOCly says “The tallest I’d say would be reasonable is probably 6’2 or 6’3. ”
Hinajosa OOCly says “hold on a sec, i have to move my rig RL”
Dante OOCly says “So I’ll let you decide which you want.”
Hinajosa OOCly says “I’ll correct to 6’3”
Dante has left.
O’Connor OOCly says “Fair enough for me. ”
Fri Oct 21 19:17:54 2005
Hinajosa OOCly says “BRB ”
Hinajosa has left.
O’Connor OOCly says “Carry on, everyone.”
O’Connor OOCly says “Rig will catch up.”
Brianne gruns with the impact of Neville and cries out in pain as something gets twisted the wrong way.
Neville crawls to the corner where he threw his phaser and grabs it up.
While Neville and Brianne grapple, Frerdine just sits to the side. “Geez…” he mutters, watching but unable to do an awful lot to help Neville out.
Smith watches.. doesn’t really want to try his hand at the phaser again..
Neville takes aim at Brianne.
O’Connor will, though. Apparently his first try at stunning the officers just doesn’t work, but -something- has to be done. What the hell. Are all these people mad? Is the food really -that- awful? He gives it a good go.
Ship’s Computer: Unauthorized weapons fire detected on Deck 2, Primary Hull: Crew Lounge.
A glare of light emits from O’Connor’s weapon and strikes Neville.
Brianne OOCly laughs.
Neville has fallen unconscious.
Smith grumbles and fires off a shot since everyone else is failing.
Empire Announcement from Dante: “Shit. I even aimed for Frerdine that time in the hopes that I’d hit the right person.”
A glare of light emits from Smith’s weapon and strikes Neville.
Neville is still unconscious.
Brianne OOCly laughs!
Frerdine OOCly says, “Where’s Hinajosa? He’s big enough to suck in all the fire with his gravity. :P”
Despite obviously being injured, Brianne starts to get up once again. Slowly, painfully, but she still does. Crazy? Oh yeah.
Well, now that everybody’s microwaving Neville, Frerdine may as well get ready. He sighs and grabs his tricorder, twirling it on its strap like a flail in case Brianne gets too close.
Brianne OOCly says “Dangit, somebody shoot me already!”
The Admiral’s skills are obviously rusty. I mean, he hasn’t fired a phaser since.. the last time he killed Palin, and that was a loooong time ago. Still, it -is- just stun, though. So what’s the harm in trying again. Let’s stop the bloody madwoman. STOP HER!.
Hinajosa has arrived.
*** Hinajosa is now in RP Mode. ***
O’Connor changes the setting of his weapon.
Ship’s Computer: Unauthorized weapons fire detected on Deck 2, Primary Hull: Crew Lounge.
Hinajosa is engulfed in light from being struck by the discharge of O’Connor’s weapon.
Hinajosa has disconnected.
Hinajosa has left.
Brianne OOCly says “You killed him.”
Othic OOCly laughs.
Frerdine OOCly says, “Remarkable marksmanship. :P”
Brianne OOCly says “That was the most thorough killing EVER.”
Othic OOCly says “You’re lucky you didn’t hit me. :)”
Neville has regained consciousness.
Neville has regained consciousness.
Othic has left.
Crazy? Oh yeah, seems everyone is. Smith fires off a shot at ANNE again.
Smith discharges his weapon but strikes nothing.
The Admiral’s weapon discharges and strikes the gigantic medical officer with a much larger beam than it should have, which incidentally causes the weapon itself to backfire somewhat, knocking him roughly against the far wall, which he slumps into, the smoking misfired rifle lying nearby.
You see HinajosaBody on the ground.
Neville me blinks and growns in, well, not pain, but growns none the less, and pushes a chair off of him that he must have fallen over. He cracks his sore neck and stands up wondering how he managed to get shot by an Admiral on his first day of duty on his new ship…
Neville takes aim at Brianne.
Ship’s Computer: Unauthorized weapons fire detected on Deck 2, Primary Hull: Crew Lounge.
You’ve been hit by a bolt from Neville’s weapon!
You feel a little dizzy.
Brianne is, apparently, super woman. Nothing stops her today.
Neville ducks behind a knocked-over table for cover…
“Son of a bitch.” The Captain fires again. He doesn’t take cover, he is too cool for ducking around and what not.
Okay. So. The medical officer got hit and fell awfully hard, Neville and Brianne have both eaten shots, nothing for it for Frerdine to swing that tricorder right at Brianne’s head, hopefully hard enough to cause a bruise. If he doesn’t miss and knock out Neville.
Frerdine punches Brianne.
Smith discharges his weapon but strikes nothing.
You feel a little dizzy.
Smith OOCly says “Dammit.”
Brianne wobbles woozily but continues to advance on Frerdine.
Neville sees that his previous shot had no effect and decides to try again as she is still charging about like a mad woman…
Brianne OOCly says “Dangit, my brother seems to have hidden the laptop.”
You’ve been hit by a bolt from Neville’s weapon!
You feel a little dizzy.
Fri Oct 21 19:32:54 2005
Frerdine OOCly says, “Why won’t you die? :P”
O’Connor OOCly says “Funny, you know. We often ask Wilco that. ”
Brianne OOCly is SUPER WOMAN!
Neville OOCly rofls
Smith OOCly says “What the hell?”
Neville grumbles something under his breath and taps the end of his phaser on the side of the table, thinking it must be broken since its not doing anything.
Being Smith’s turn again, he fires!
A glare of light emits from Smith’s weapon and strikes Comm Panel.
A bolt of light comes from Smith’s weapon, striking Comm Panel.
The hit to Comm Panel has caused it to stop functioning temporarily!
Frerdine OOCly hopes somebody’s logging this. We have the world record for inaccuracy, a Cadet dying through phaser misadventure, and a science officer surviving about a dozen attempts to stun her. 😛
Brianne OOCly says “Oh YEAH! I’m logging.”
Neville lays down in the prone position, hoping that’ll give him a more accurate shot that might actually succeed in knocking his target unconsious…
A glare of light emits from Neville’s weapon and strikes O’Connor.
O’Connor seems a little disoriented.
Neville OOCly says, “nope :P”
Brianne apparently has a secret forcefield belt on… or something. The phasers won’t hit her and when they do, she barely seems to feel it. Once again, she tries to choke Frerdine.
Brianne OOCly says “Found the laptop… booting it up.”
“All of you are terrible!” Frerdine cries as he backs away from Brianne, swinging the tricorder for her skull again.
Frerdine punches Brianne.
You feel fine.
O’Connor is already down for the count, the stun beam hits him as well as the rifle, which begins to whine as it’s power cell critically fuses to the prefire chamber.
O’Connor changes the setting of his weapon.
O’Connor dropped Federation Phaser Rifle – 17420.
O’Connor’s Federation Phaser Rifle begins to emit a high pitched whine.
Federation Phaser Rifle continues to emit a high pitched whine.
Federation Phaser Rifle continues to emit a high pitched whine.
Federation Phaser Rifle continues to emit a high pitched whine.
Frerdine hears the rifle. And idly decides to go to the door now.
Frerdine approaches the door to the corridor.
The door to the corridor slides open.
Federation Phaser Rifle continues to emit a high pitched whine.
Frerdine heads through the door to the corridor.
Frerdine has left.
Federation Phaser Rifle continues to emit a high pitched whine.
You head through the door to…
USS Falkenberg ** Primary Hull: Fore Corridor ** Deck 2
.========================================================================== ==.
This is a wide, cross-shaped corridor, with the sound of uniform boots pounding over navy blue carpet never leaving the hear. Officers and crew of all species and gender are constantly walking through this important corridor, usually in and out of the portside door, made of ornamental faux wood with nice frosted circular windows, which leads into the crew lounge.

At the forward end of the corridor, a pleasant set of double glass doors leads into the scenic observation lounge, while a set of starboard doors heads into the rather more normal turbolift. The corridor continues through a busy passage to the aft.
‘=====  ______________________________________________________________  =====’
Frerdine (Healthy)
Obvious exits:
Observation <Fore>
Crew Lounge <Port>                         Turbolift <Star>
Aft Corridor <Aft>
Smith comes in from the crew lounge.
Smith has arrived.
Neville comes in from the crew lounge.
Neville has arrived.

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