Every 3,000 Lightyears

“When we were told to move to the Tardis, I spent several hours in stellar cartograhpy, pretending I was watching the stars on Earth.” Brianne confesses, “It was nice. And everyone else was so busy moving that nobody interrupted.”
Frerdine pauses, and looks at Brianne a bit. “Well…technically that would be misuse of Starfleet resources, but it’s so minor that I won’t tell anybody…” he says, sipping his tea.
Mandy begins to wonder if she should find a seat. She glances around for one.
Brianne briefly sticks her tongue out at Frerdine, which is a bit odd (to say the least) considering her age and all. Nevermind that she’s in StarFleet. Laughing, she shakes her head slightly.
Frerdine blinks at Brianne, looking somewhat taken aback by the tongue sticking-out. He decides to have some more tea. Yes. Tea is good.
Mandy finds a chair in an appropriate place, and sits on it. She continues listening to the (apparentl lack of) conversation.
Brianne giggles a bit at Frerdine’s reaction and sips on her lemonade. Yes, she IS odd.
Frerdine said that! Frerdine sips at his tea, and then pauses. “You’re alright, right, Brianne?” he asks the appropriate person.
Mandy flags down the bartender, and whipers an order to him.”
Brianne laughs, “Of course I’m alright!”
Of course she’s not alright in the head.
“Well…you know. Sticking tongues out, even informally…have you been to sickbay lately? Maybe you’ve caught something from the science lab.” Frerdine seems genuinely concerned.
Brianne shakes her head and laughs, “I’m fine, really.” She looks at Mandy and asks, “Do I look sick to you?” Yeah. Ask an Engineer for medical advice. Good.
Mandy says “Well, nothing’s falling off, and no smoke is coming out. In my experience, that’s a good sign. Had an oil change lately?”

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