Couldn’t Turn Left at Albuquerque

Delvon announces “Due to some….difficultes, the planned RP between the Roms and Federation is postponed. We’ll try this again later. ”

Aruth gossip announces “Embarassing…simply Embarassing. Some rescue effort. :0]”

Agne gossip announces “Oh man I know…we got close to the Rom border and phew…man that BO was so bad we just had to turn back”
E’vad gossip announces “hehehe”
Aruth gossip announces “We told Queeqeg to shower, but he refuses.”
Agne gossip announces “Probably a protest”
Aruth gossip announces “Apparently it worked. ;]”
Delvon gossip announces “Actually, could you guys make a bunch of signs? Pointing to Rom space from SB1? That way we don’t get lost again. :-P”
Aruth gossip announces “*ROTFL*”
Banks gossip announces “Set the beacon on your coms?”
S’Kerus gossip announces “makes me wonder about S’tok’s warp trail….was it heading towards Ch’Rihan, or Centauri.”
Agne gossip announces “MacDonalds”
Aruth gossip announces “We should just fly all your ships there, like we did for the Banneker. ;]”
Delvon gossip announces “I’m all for it. I’ve got the command codes, as long as you agree to set me up for life.”
From across the Gossiping Galaxy, S’Kerus LOL.
Agne gossip announces “Hey my mass defection offer of booze and babes for the Bann still stands”

[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> So why did the Rom/Fed RP get called
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> They got lost. 8^)
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> No…you’re kiddin
[Rihannsu] H’Daen grins.
[Rihannsu] S’Tane laughs out loud!
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: “Navigational error” is brought new meaning by them.
[Rihannsu] Aruth is still laughing…”talk…can’t…breathe…”
S’Kerus gossip announces “Look at it this way folks, at least they
didn’t wonder into a star this time.”
H’Daen gossip announces “Probably couldn’t find one to run into.”
Aruth gossip announces “*rolls*”
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: How lost were they?
[Rihannsu] Aruth: like opposite direction for an hour
Agne gossip announces “So how many ships have ran into stars on this muse?”
Delvon gossip announces “Not enough”
H’Daen gossip announces “How many fed ships have been destroyed? Divide by two for the Rommie Factor. That’s how many ran into stars.”
S’Kerus gossip announces “Agne, last time I counted, 4 ships in 2 years. The latter 3 all in one single year.”
H’Daen gossip announces “Unless we missed out on some Federation covert ops. Can’t count those out. ;)”
From across the Gossiping Galaxy, Delvon has no official comment. “I’m off to weep now.”
New poll added by S’Tane.

S’Tane’s Poll(1): When a Federation Task Force leaves Starbase One, they should always remember to: A.) bring their compass rings B.) bring their starmaps C.) bring a cell phone incase they get lost or D.) All of the above.
[public] S’Tane giggles
[public] Aruth still says E) Hire a Rom to fly.
[public] AnneLions laughs.
New poll added by S’Tane.

S’Tane’s Poll(2): When a Federation Task Force leaves Starbase One, they should always remember to: A.) bring their compass rings B.) bring their starmaps C.) bring a cell phone incase they get lost D.) All of the above or E.) Just hire a Rihannsu Pilot.

[public] Banks: Joking aside, I know of 2 crashes. Excelsior and.. one a few months before I apped in. What are the other 2?
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> The track record of StarFleet piloting skills, or lack there of, had been endless source of entertainment for us.
[Rihannsu] S’Tane laughs out loud
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> Stop it hurts
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> How many Feddies does it take to pilot a starship?
[Rihannsu] E’vad: <Supernewbie!> Probably just 1 since it’ll crash anyway
From across the Gossiping Galaxy, Banks grumbles, “There are 2 Rom kidnap-some-Feddie RP Plots for every ship we crash”
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> 1 The rest of them are trying to figure out where the hell their at.
[Rihannsu] Aruth: unfortunately, they always leave that ‘1’ home.
[Rihannsu] S’Tane wanders off to find some ice cream to give her aching sides a rest frm laughing so hard
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> Okay how many Fedies does it take to read a starmap?
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> All of them since they are trying to figure out what the + and minus signs mean on the X and Y axis.
[Rihannsu] H’Daen nods.
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: Good one.
[Rihannsu] S’Tane continues to giggle to herself.
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> None of them.
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> They they can’t recognize it even if it’s staring right at them.
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> They had the starmap turned upside down!
[Rihannsu] Aruth: they unfolded it only to realize the FO had used it as a game of connect the dots.
[Admin] S’Kerus: <Slacker> My roommate is laughing at the whole thing btw. 8^)
[public] Agne notes that S’kard would have said something different in Response
[public] Aruth grins. “like what?”
[public] Agne: <That darn woman!> Something that probably shouldn’t have been said on the public channel
S’Kerus announces “To protect the feelings of those involved in the blunder, the Romulans will retract the offer to drop those large blinking signs.”
[Rihannsu] S’Tane busts a gut
[public] Agne’s s jaw drops as she sees Christopher Walken dancing on her screen “This is Twisted”
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> I am all for sending the Banneker back to the Federation in boxes sent postage due via UPS
[Rihannsu] S’Tane needs to find a tissue she’s laughed so hard she started to cry
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> I am worried that if we do let them go, and let them pilot it back, would they be able to find their way home
Aruth announces “Instead, the Romulans will simply start up an escort service. Our motto: “We do the drivin’, you do the whinin'””
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: They’d probably crash it into the Rok.
[Admin] Aruth loses it.
[Rihannsu] S’Tane can’t breath
[Admin] S’Kerus laughs.
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: We’ll have to fly it home for them and then beam them over to the Banneker after it’s in docking range of SB1.
Andy announces “@gann, please. :>”
[Admin] Delvon is going to laugh so hard he can’t breathe.
[public] S’Kerus: <TOS Admin> Hey Andy.
[Admin] Aruth: damn, even Andy busted me… ;]
[Admin] S’Kerus chuckles.
Delvon gossip announces “As one final note, All Starfleet navigators must now re-take the 5 hours course, and reapply for their permits.”
[public] Andy wavies
H’Daen gossip announces “In other words, the rendezvous isn’t gonna happen in 2001, is it?”
[public] Delvon bows to the all powerful.
Delvon gossip announces “Not unless we get Suv back to do the driving.”
[public] Banks peers, “Andy? I heard you’d died” 🙂
[public] Andy: <Director> Whatever.
[public] Delvon notes that Banks peers and calls everyone ‘Andy’ now, since he died himself.
Aruth gossip announces “actually, it was H’Daen that drove that time.”
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> Oh like Suvin is such a big hit, she gets lossed in the middle of the Romulan zone.
[public] Banks laughs, “Yeah, I was gonna welcome you to the club”
[public] Andy grins. “What, did someone run into a star again?”
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> No they haven’t run into stars before have they?
[public] Delvon: <Fed Admin> no.
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> Tell me its a lie.
[public] Banks: No no. But they did forget there the Rom Empire is
From across Time and Space, H’Daen can’t see how they could possibly think we let one of /their/ people fly the Banneker to our base. 😉
[Rihannsu] Aruth: twice.
H’Daen gossip announces “Not my first USS <name here>, won’t be my last. ;)”
[Rihannsu] Andy: No… Four times
[Rihannsu] H’Daen grins.
[Rihannsu] S’Tane laughs
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: Stellar Run <TM>
[public] Delvon: <Fed Admin> We had a meeting with the Rommies, and the Cally’s navigator pointed her towards Plilaun for an hour.
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: Popular for a reason. 😉
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> Well that sure was a “bright” idea
[Rihannsu] Aruth eeks. “We’re trying to remember the ship names Andy…you recall?
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: Andy…what were the names of those 4 ships?
[Rihannsu] H’Daen grins.
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: And how many shuttles, eh? ;-D
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> Hmm I wonder what this big hot thing is over here.
[Rihannsu] Andy: Federation, Excelsior, FSB Reebok, and I forget the other.
[public] Banks puzzles, “You can get from Plilaun to Rom space you know. Just aim kinda up”
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> Hmmm let’s drive on up and take a look
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: Federation?
[public] Delvon: <Fed Admin> Not exactly to Plilaun.. in that general direction.
[public] Delvon: <Fed Admin> and in any case, no where near Devoras.
[Rihannsu] S’Tane laughs out loud.
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: Read Romulan.General for my favorite quote. 😉
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> NO, Fed crashed.
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> I was so pissed
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: When did the Fed crash?
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: That’s awful.
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: I went to /so/ much trouble to steal that thing, too.
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: Couldn’t they just let us keep it safe for them? 😉
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> Had we successfulled capture it, it would still be here.
[Rihannsu] Andy: I think it was like four years ago… It was re-created though.
From across the Gossiping Galaxy, Agne notes that the tug boat and a scrap metal scout ship is the only Fed ship that the Roms could hope of ever taking
[Rihannsu] S’Tane laughs out loud
Delvon gossip announces “Can’t. If we do that, his ego will crush the
Mu. ”
H’Daen gossip announces “Wrong. USS Federation was my other. :P”
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> Uly crashed right?
Agne gossip announces “True…when did you get the Fed?”
H’Daen gossip announces “2 1/2 years ago during the Tholian thing.”
H’Daen gossip announces “We didn’t have it for long, though, because it was late and we were too sleepy to really care if you wanted to fly over and prefix it home. ;)”
H’Daen gossip announces “(Catch and release.)”
[Rihannsu] Aruth: yeah, the Uly was one.
S’Tane gossip announces “Maybe it wasn’t big enough for H’Daen’s tastes.”
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> Well, at least we know for sure now that their scouts don’t have klingon or romulan cloaking devices.
Banks gossip announces “Who was that Rom senator that died trying to explain how little the Roms cared about the Fed?”
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> well guys this has been an incredibly entertaining night.
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> One crashed, and we captured the other one.
[Rihannsu] H’Daen grins.
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: Like they’d figure out how to install them, even /with/ the Engineering kit’s file on the subject. 😉
[public] Delvon figures it was about time for a huge “abuse @gann” Session. 😛
[public] Agne: <That darn woman!> abuse?
[public] Delvon: <Fed Admin> last one of these I saw was like my second day here.
[public] S’Tane: In the old days Gann was used more than the public channel.
[public] Aruth: <Rihannsu Admin> We had one the other night.
[public] Agne: <That darn woman!> well on mush client it looks purple which is pretty
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> Refill your ooc credits in case you want to @gann
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: Thanks, S’K.
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> Fank ew S’K
[public] AnneLions: It’s driving my eyes bonkers. Purple-pink on a grey background. 😉
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> I wish S’Kard would come out of @RP
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> they are still flying
Delvon gossip announces “Ok, next time we do this, I’ll drive. Then I’ll just ram your pansy destroyer into little pieces. Take that. :-P”
[public] S’Tane: switch to black.
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> Rinok is SO missing out.
[Rihannsu] H’Daen nods. “He is.”
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> Kard too.
[public] AnneLions: I have it grey for a reason. 😛
S’Tane gossip announces “Only if you can find us first”
Delvon gossip announces “True. Gotta hide behind those cloaks :-)”
[public] S’Kard: <> Dun dun DUN!
[public] Rinok: What is going on here?
H’Daen gossip announces “Or those ENG PWR OFF=Long Sensors on your scouts. ;-D”
[public] S’Kerus: <TOS Admin> The Feddies got lost.
[public] S’Kard makes big chicken noises.
[public] Rinok: LOL
[public] S’Kard: <> bOK BOK
S’Tane gossip announces “Heck no why do that when we can just sit here waiting for you to try and find us.”
[Rihannsu] H’Daen should really sell for real $$$ copies of his nav manual to the feds.
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: It’s just too unfair as it is. 😉
Rinok gossip announces “Just give a BIG map to the Feds with a BIG RED POINT noting “WE ARE HERE!”.”
[Rihannsu] S’Kerus: <Grand Inquisitor> Why? And miss out all this free entertainment?
[Rihannsu] H’Daen laughs.
[Rihannsu] S’Kard rotfl
[Rihannsu] S’Tane grumbles
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> What did I miss?
[Rihannsu] S’Kard: <> Rommikaze <> shhh…here she comes
[Rihannsu] S’Kard ducks
[public] Rinok: anyway, where is your ship now? Ikaran space? 🙂
[public] S’Kard: <> *LAFS*
[public] S’Tane snerks
[public] Aruth wonders if he can submit 300+ lines of text to THM
[public] Rinok: By this point they already met the cardassians. 🙂
[public] Banks: They’ll rescue Voyager tomorrow
[public] S’Kerus: <TOS Admin> You assume they can stay away from all those stars along the way.
[public] Aruth: <Rihannsu Admin> Excalibur: The first USS Voyager.
[public] Rinok nods “Truth Kerus…”
[public] S’Tane: they just heard, “We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistence is Futile.”
[public] Banks: See, that’s why I like the Fed. When it’s off course by the time I figure it out, there is plenty of time to change heading. And when we hit a star the star moves
[public] S’Tane: However the Borg change their minds when they realize they would have to downgrade their NavSoftware to assimulate the Feddies
[public] Rinok LOL
[public] S’Kard rolls
[Rihannsu] S’Tane: <OldFart> Are you laughing at Banks or me?
[Rihannsu] S’Kard: <> Rommikaze <> you
[public] Banks: That was a good one

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