Wilco leans non-chalantly on a bulkhead, “So, Anne, now that I pretty well control the IC galaxy, do you want to go out with me?” 😛
AnneLions laughs.
Wilco says “Is that a yes or no? :P”
You say “No. :P”
Wilco says “Damn. Guards, kill her! :P”
AnneLions ouches.
Wilco speaks in ze Gerrman acksent, “Tell me, Meess Leeeowns, do zou haav anee…familee…on Rohmuluhus?
AnneLions is dead, can’t answer.
Wilco says “Zee old ‘ded’ exkuse, eh? Vell…ve haav vays of mayking you talk…””
AnneLions is still dead.
Wilco gives AnneLions an offical ‘Wilco-Edition’ suggestive picture magazine.
AnneLions is, thankfully, still dead.
Wilco resurrects Anne with secret Iron Fist technology, then gives her the magazine again.
AnneLions dies again.
Wilco drats.
AnneLions continues being dead. Wheee, it’s fun being dead.
Wilco has partially disconnected.
*** Wilco has gone into RP Mode. ***
Wilco has left.
Wilco Wilco is here!

The Imperial March plays over invisible speakers. Marching at the head of a great army is Fleet Admiral Roger C. Wilco, leaning the forces of the Federation to inevitable victory. The banners of the Iron Fist Party fly proudly in the breeze, and the troops occaisonally kill somebody. Just to relieve the monotony.
Wilco has arrived.
*** Wilco is no longer in RP Mode. ***
Wilco notes that corpses don’t get promoted
AnneLions ohs and un-dies.
AnneLions laughs at the beamin message.
Wilco says “I like it. :P”
You say “Hmm, one problem, though…. ‘leaning the forces of the Federation to inevitable victory.'”
Wilco says “One pro-Romulan comment and I beam you to a Klingon brothel. :P”
AnneLions acks.

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