Wilco: Oldest Admiral

[public] Whittaker: is wilco still on leave with his roids problem?
[public] Wilco: I’m awaiting assignment, is all.
[public] Delvon: Is that what you were told? Roids? HAHAHAHAHA.
[public] Delvon: Actually, he’s getting his bimonthy liver swapout.
[public] Whittaker: do you still have the little air filled donut thing on your command chair
[public] Wilco: No, but I have attractive yeomen by the score.
[public] Wilco: I laid off the engineers and got attractive, ambitious female yeomen. 🙂
[public] Delvon: And they all inflate to 60 PSI.
[public] Wilco hits Delvon with his lead pipe.
[public] Whittaker: now thats funny
[public] Wilco decides to send this to that new TOS Moments site. Just for the hell of it. 🙂

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