When Romulans Are in a Good Mood

Sonnilah says, “This is the ChR Hvei’Knenn. We were on a mission earlier and spoke to your Lieutenant Steel. However, in the midst of our speaking, a certain…” His voice picks up a dry tone, “Cadet do you call them? Or perhaps cadet applicant? Yes, she decided that it would be most in her favor to scan our vessel repeatedly. We have decided that keeping her as a slave may hurt our peace negotiations and, if you are interested, will release her back to you. If not, I am certain we can find a hfirh that is willing to add her to their servant staff.””
Blaze says “Ah, I’m assuming with the transporter scanners based on Earth?”
Sonnilah says, “Ie. Earth and Luna both. Each time, the same human.”
Janice eyes open wide. Thoughts race through her mind, one: What if he says keep her!, Another; Her application is dead for sure and she wont be accepted to Starfleet academy after this event. Strangely a third thought comes to mind; What do romulan slaves wear. 

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