Starfleet’s Petting Zoo

[public] Guest1 has joined this channel.
[public] Brianne waves to the guest.
[public] Brianne: <kikikaikai> Welcome to TOS. To talk on this channel, type ‘pub <message>’.
[public] Guest1: Hello.
[public] Guest1 has some questions.
[public] Brianne: <kikikaikai> Woo!
[public] Guest1: Is it possible to play an animal here? I’m thinking a higher end, semi-intellegent animal, to be the Ship’s pet?
[public] Brianne doesn’t think that’d be very interesting.
[public] Guest1: It’s be RP About being an Animal in a Sentient Being’s world. I’d write a biography, and all.
[public] Brianne: <kikikaikai> But, if the admin let you, you couldn’t talk… and you’d be barred from interesting places (like the bridge).
[public] Corso: How would you fit into the turbolifts?
[public] Kre’Leth: Might not be a big animal..
[public] Guest1 could be a super-intellegent animal, like Reg Barcley.
[public] Guest1: Is that okay?
[public] Guest1: How do you feel about Unicorns?
[public] Brianne: <kikikaikai> Uhm. No unicorns. 😛
[public] Guest1: Who’re the admins?
[public] Kre’Leth definitely thinks you wouldn’t get a Unicorn in a turbolify. ;P
[public] Guest1: Good point.
[public] Kre’Leth: Turbolift*
[public] Corso: Cats could fit in a turbolift.
[public] Kre’Leth sagenods.
[public] Brianne: <kikikaikai> You’d have much more fun if you were a… /person/.
[public] Guest1: I wanna be a horse called brandysnaps, who has a horn on his head.
[Federation] Santa-Claus: <Lord of the Wastelands> Oriental Raman Noodles aren’t very good.
[Federation] Brianne: Why would you want to be an animal instead of a person?
[public] Guest1: CAN I BE A UNICORN?
[public] Brianne: <kikikaikai> WHY!?’

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