[public] Wilco: So I said, if their ears are all pointy, why can’t we eat them for luch?
[public] Sonnilah: ’cause they’d give you heartburn, I replied.
[public] Wilco: Then I said, oh yeah.
[public] Sonnilah: I offered you a Romuolaid. :o)
[public] Sonnilah: How do you spell relief? R O M U O L A I D S
[public] Wilco: It’s like that commercial they run up here.
[public] Wilco: Man 1: Ever wonder where heartburn goes? Man 2: No.
[public] Wilco: Man 1: Interesting thing…Romuolaids goes straight to the acid in your stomach, and actually converts it partially to pH-13 sodium hydroxide, causing absurd biological damage and eventually death. Plus, Romuolaids contain chlorine, something which kills you anyway.
[public] Sonnilah sighs in appreciation, “I love that commercial.”
[public] Wilco nods.

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