Romulan Override

S’Kard glances at Vrih with contempt. “Arrain, remove the Erein from that console, and take control of the shuttle. This is becoming far too risky.”
Sy’fvekh says “How rekkhai?”
S’Kard glances at the operations console, looking for an override command. Seeing none, he withdraws his disruptor and changes a setting on it. “Nevermind, I found my own override command.”
S’Kard takes aim at Vrih and fires.
Vrih is engulfed in light from being struck by the discharge of S’Kard’s weapon.
Vrih has fallen unconscious.
S’Kard reholsters his pistol, checking the shuttle for excessive dammage. “That should do it.”
Sy’fvekh gulps uncontrollably. “Rekkhai…perhaps it would be best if one of the other Commanders continued my exam?”

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