Romulan Execution Methods

[Rihannsu] Giellun waves
[Rihannsu] Aidoann: GIE!
[Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> Anne!
[Rihannsu] S’Kard: <> Rommikaze <> J’tru
[Rihannsu] Aidoann: Yay, Gie’s here!
[Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> So, I hear that you like round-eared pink people, Anne?
[Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> I’m deeply disappointed
[Rihannsu] Aidoann: I was bored!
[Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> I realise that I was absent for a while, but replacing me with a pink creature? How am I supposed to feel now?
[Rihannsu] S’Kard: <> Rommikaze <> that’s no excuse, when we get bored, you don’t see US cozying up to Wilco.
Sun Feb 20 00:21:12 2005
[Rihannsu] Aidoann: No, you’re not cute enough.
[Rihannsu] S’Kard: <> Rommikaze <> is ‘cute a newdefinition of ‘desperate’?
[Rihannsu] S’Kard: <> Rommikaze <> I can never stay up on all the new slang. Bad is good, dope is good, cute is desperate
[Rihannsu] Aidoann: He’d kill you. Pffft. 😛
[Rihannsu] S’Kard: <> Rommikaze <> it’s funny you bring that up…. ;]
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: WTF are YOU doing online?
[Rihannsu] Aidoann: Who?
[Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> Wasting a perfectly good Romulan on a pink space janitor… Tsk tsk
[Rihannsu] H’Daen: Kard
[Rihannsu] Giellun: <Funky Beat!> No, Kard is not aperfectly good Romulan
[Rihannsu] S’Kard: <> Rommikaze <> not in the least
[Rihannsu] S’Kard is Vriehu afterall
[Rihannsu] Aidoann: Well, now I’m apparently supposedto marry Trulahn. 😛
[Rihannsu] S’Kard: <> Rommikaze <> hrm, tough call
[Rihannsu] S’Kard: <> Rommikaze <> Personally, I’d opt for death by mealworm, but hey

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