[public] S’Kard sighs and goes back to plotting RomEvil <tm>
Mon Jan 7 00:14:11 2002
[public] AnneLions: RomEvil? How long does it take to plot that stuff anyway? Haven’t seen any in a long time. 😉
[public] S’Kard: <><> we were informed that we were doing it too often…the other empires simply couldn’t take it. therefore, now we are saving it up for less frequent, but more potent doses. Consider it…random shock therapy.
[public] AnneLions: Oh, no wonder it’s been so dull around here.
[public] S’Kard: <><> well, since these large doses are so potent, most of our personnel are forced to take long vacations in between, in order to recuperate. It is unbelievably mentally and physically exhausting, after all.

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