Wilco smiles, and lifts his glass in salute before taking a drink. “I do what I can in the spirit of friendship and cooperation. Besides, I’d hate to ruin my good uniform.”
Aidoann laughs faintly, “Ie… it isn’t a bad looking one.” She gives it an appraising look, “However, I believe it matches the color of your insides, ie? So it’d be hard to tell.”
Wilco looks just a hair weirded out by that. He smiles, but he looks juuust a little thoughtful. “Well, I never looked at it like that before. It’s true, though, now that I think about it. Hrm.”
Database save complete.
Aidoann does not, however, seem about to pull a dagger on Wilco or anything like that. She nods, “Ie, it is an interesting choice of color.” She takes a sip of her drink.
Wilco looks down at his blood-red uniform. “Well, with all the Vulcans, Andorians, and such in Starfleet, I’m sure it wasn’t picked with the intention of giving humans something to bleed all over. It’s not like they reuse them after somebody is killed in one anyway.”
Fri Jan 28 00:18:32 2005
Aidoann shrugs, “But it must make it easier to launder, if one should, say, accidentally come into contact with human blood.” She drains her glass and goes to fill it once again.
Wilco nods, thinking over that some more and sipping his drink (he’s well behind Aidoann, though. Still a fair bit left in the glass). “That’s true, I guess,” he admits. “Yes, that’s a good point. Hrm.”
Aidoann nods, “Ie… very thoughtful of whoever designed them.” she comments.
Wilco nods in agreement. “For certain. Easy to wash if bled on, extremely good looking, comfortable and practical. I like them very much. Even the Galae hasn’t got uniforms like this.” He grins, and dashes the rest of his drink down his throat.
Fri Jan 28 00:33:32 2005
Aidoann laughs, “Ie, we do not…” She picks up the container of ale and goes to refill Wilco’s glass.
Wilco nods. “Thank you,” he says, referring to the drink. “I should point out, though, that from my scarce experience the Galae uniforms are very interesting, and have their value. Just not my cup of tea.” He has to sound at least a little diplomatic, even as his brain gets hazy.
Aidoann nods, “Ie… I do not think I would like if our uniforms were green, however. It would not be the same, even if it did hide bloodstains.”
Wilco nods in agreement, and grimaces at the thought. “No, that would not be particularly impressive-looking. You’d look like gigantic peapods.”
Wilco just looked at you.
Aidoann blinks curiously, “Ie? Peapods?”
Wilco nods, and tries to explain. “They’re an Earth plant, long, green capsules holding a number of little green spheres. They look not unlike a Romulan Galae officer’s green uniform would.”
Aidoann blinks again, “You think a Rihhana looks like a capsule containing a number of spheres?”

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