Orders are Orders

‘S’Rah runs into the docking ring.. scanning with her tricorder and looking around..
S’Kard glances up as his communicator bleeps a security alert.
S’Rah notices S’Kard and comes to a stop infront of him with a quick salute she asks, “Riov, have you seen erei’Riov tr’Vaebn?”
S’Kard notices S’Rah, and his face turns dark green. “EREIN! I thought you were ordered to stay on the ship at ALL TIMES!”
S’Kard ignores her flustered question. “ANSWER ME!”
S’Rah glances around impatiently for a moment then focuses on the Riov, “Ie Rekkhai, unless ordered by a member of command.. erei’Riov tr’Vaebn presented himself to myself and Arrain tr’Annhwi and requested us to follow him..”
S’Kard regains composure, ponders for a moment, then nods calmly. “Ie, that is acceptable. Now…what was your question?”

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