Now With Fewer Carbs

[public] Brianne: Should make an alt, yeah. 😛
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> hey, I think I did..
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> I thought you had one, I remember talking to it on coms years ago.
[public] Brianne: Ralph!
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> well, I used to RP with this character before I became the only hope for fixing anything when directors weren’t around 😉
[public] Brianne chuckles.
[public] S’Kard nods, and has met with his holines in the past. ;]
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> hmm.. now connecting is taking awhile.. I bet I have auth blocked 😉
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> password password, who’s got the password..
[public] Brianne: I have it! It’s here next to this moldy cheese sandwich.
[public] tiresias_lite: there we go
[public] Brianne laughs.
[public] tiresias_lite: hmm.. empireless
[public] S’Kard: <Danny Crane> so 2002. Should be Atkin’s_Friendly_tiResias.

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