Not Wanted: Enthusiastic Romulans

[Rihannsu] <<<KICK ME>> S’Jahan says HI!
[Rihannsu] S’Kard rolls his eyes. “I’d love to kick him.”
<long quiet pause>
[Rihannsu_Chat] S’Kard blinks.
[Rihannsu_Chat] Tihruss blinks.
[Rihannsu_Chat] S’Kard says “Oh crap…xchan…”
[Rihannsu_Chat] Renon LAUGHS!
[Rihannsu_Chat] Tihruss says “You dolt!”
[Rihannsu] S’Kard says “I can’t help it, he annoys me.”
<another pause>
[Rihannsu_Chat] S’Kard blinks.
[Rihannsu_Chat] S’Kard says “CRAP!”
[Rihannsu_Chat] Tihruss falls on the floor laughing.
[Rihannsu_Chat] Renon can’t breathe…
[Rihannsu_Chat] S’Kard dies.

<Needless to say, S’Jahan never came back>

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