Multiple Meanings of Bribary

[Federation] Janice: when it asks for which account do I type deposit janice=130 federation credits?
[Federation] Shulkiat: <Newbie> No, that’s deposit shulkiat=<however much money you have>
Blaze never has used the banks on TOS, so he wouldn’t know.
Janice says “never?”
You say “Nope.”
Janice says “what do you do with all yer money?”
You say “Keep it on me.”
Janice puts her hands into your deep pockets
Shulkiat says “They don’t pay us.”
Blaze gets paid.
Shulkiat says “Well that’s one way of getting into SFA. :P”
Janice says “you need to ask for you back pay”
Janice says “hehe by putting my hands into Blazes pockets”
Janice rotfl
Blaze facepalms.
Janice grins
Janice says “Okie im off to bed. see you all tomorrow”
*** Janice has gone into RP Mode. ***

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