Mine is hunter2

(on OGR while TOS was down in Jan. 2005)
O’Connor pssts @ Wilco. “You’ve been dead for a year.”
Harris says, “Heh.”
Othic says, “Don’t let him know!”
Wilco swears.
Wilco says, “Well, time to become a Rommie, I guess.”
S’Wilco says, “There.”
Othic laughs.
S’O’Connor says. “This doesn’t work.”
S’Othic ****** says, “This does.”
S’Othic says, “WTF?”
S’Othic says, “@name here doesn’t require password?”
S’Wilco laughs!
S’Othic says, “Damm.. now you all know my password. Bastages/.”
S’Wilco laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs!
S’Wilco is so submitting that to TOS Moments (with the password starred out)
S’Othic changes all his passowrds. 🙂
O’Connor says, “Because they’re all the bloody same.”
S’Othic says, “Aye!”‘

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