But They Use Woks

[Iron_Fist] Dante: <FedAdmin> Starbuck. ROwwwr.
[Iron_Fist] S’Kard: Booooooooomer
[Iron_Fist] Othic rwars.
[Iron_Fist] Dante: <FedAdmin> Othic has a thing for the pan-Asian peoples.
[Iron_Fist] S’Kard can’t wait for the rest of season2
[Iron_Fist] S’Kard loves the pan-asians.
[Iron_Fist] Dante: <FedAdmin> Seriously. I hope that Admiral gets beat with heavy pipe. Or something.
[Iron_Fist] S’Kard loves the skillet-asians, the kettle-asians, wotever. If it’s a she, and partailly asian, I’m in. Or will try to get in.

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