But Is It Really Cannibalism?

(Seen from K’tahx’s point of view)
Thelev has connected.
You say “An Andorian petaQ!”
Thelev says “Oh look, a worm pretending to be a Klingon. How cute.”
You notified T’Sha of your location.
K’tahx sticks Thelev with a pain stick, sending a jolt of electricity through his body causing him to fall to the floor.
Thelev Is actuall still standing up
K’tahx grabs Thelev and shakes him so all his loose change falls out.
K’tahx picks up the change.
Giellun says “Hey guys, behave.”
You say “yeah, Thelev.”
Giellun says “Lest I start distibuting swift justice around here :-P”
Giellun says “Lest your mothers recognise you in a burger.”
You say “gross”
You say “like that fake site that Shae found”
Giellun says “www.manbeef.com?”
You say “yes”
Giellun says “They make tasty steaks, actually.”
You say “it’s fake”
Giellun says “No, I tried them and they’re tasty.”
You say “Yahoo lists the site under “humor/food and drink/”
Thelev has disconnected.

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