Bumper Stickers

[public] C’Tiki: <Tholian> Nothing.
[public] AnneLions: Tholian?
[public] C’Tiki: President of their Fan Club.
[public] AnneLions: Uh huh… Didn’t know they had one. Only one member? 😉
[public] tiResias: <Taco Bandito> no 😉
[public] AnneLions chuckles.
[public] C’Tiki: Would you like one of our ‘Tholians Rule the Universe’ starship bumper stickers? 🙂
[public] AnneLions hmms, “Sure.” 😉
[public] C’Tiki: IT’s the size of a truck (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see it on a starship). What ship would you like it installed on?
[public] AnneLions: Any of ’em… how about SB1? 😉
[public] Cornwell: <Director> Oh, I can see it now…
[public] Cornwell: <Director> A massive space installation with internal ship docking capabilities. Resembling a metalic mushroom, this spacedock is majesticly drifting through space in orbit, while inside life pulses dynamically. One side of the station is dominated by a set of collosal space doors, currently closed which control access to the interior docking areas. You notice a large bumper sticker affixed to the side that says ‘Tholians Rule the Universe’.

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